The incredible Lisa Hagarty has lost an amazing 39kgs in 10 months with Lose Baby Weight and has been a Motivating Mum for July. Lisa shares her weight loss update below

My name is Lisa Hagarty and I have 2 kids – one almost 4 and the other 17 months. I have been on the Lose Baby Weight plans for 10 months now and have lost almost 39kgs.
Well the start of this month has been up and down.  On the plus side my family and I are really enjoying the Winter Weight Loss Challenge food, and really enjoying the new recipes which will become family favourites. I have had some pretty sick kids this month, a lot of sleepless nights and to top it off I injured my ankle and knee really bad in a fall and the exercise that I usually do has been very limited.
The injury I have is really making me change things up and making me be more creative and step out of my usual exercise routine that I had in place. Like instead of running I am now swimming once a week and I am focusing on my upper body work out more than my legs when I do a weights work out at the gym. I’m also doing as many of the Winter Weight Loss Challenge exercises that I can being restricted by my injury.
My favourite recipes that I have loved on the Winter Weight Loss Challenge have been the Warm Poached Pear with Yoghurt, which was a very welcome change to my daily smoothie, and a great warm start to my early morning. The Baked Moussaka for One, which ended up being big enough to feed me for 2 day’s worth of lunches and the Chilli Con Carne which I usually make for the family, but it was great to have a healthier version and the family didn’t even notice the difference.
A couple of weeks ago I went through all of my clothes and had to chuck out 7 bags worth of clothes that were too big !!! It was such a surprise at how much my body has changed in the last few months. I was even chucking out clothes that I had purchased in February that were too big. And I started to go through clothes that I had stored in vacuum bags a few years ago that I had put away when they were too small for me and even some of these clothes were too big. So because I got rid of about 90% of my wardrobe I needed new clothes, it was so exciting to be able to buy clothes from the “normal” stores just off the rack and I fitted into everything that I tried on in a size 14. I was a size 20-22 when I first started the Lose Baby Weight program.
The next couple of weeks are going to be a challenge as we are going on a family holiday to Queensland, but I will be prepared with my favourite vanilla Healthy Mummy Smoothie mix, blender and will do a big grocery shop when we get there. It will also save us money as we will not be eating out all the time.
As far as weight loss has gone I have lost 1.2kgs since being on the Challenge, but I have lost 1cm from everywhere on my body, as long as those scales and measurements keep going down I am really happy.
So I wish you all the very best for the rest of the Challenge and am so looking forward to seeing all of your great results.
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