Linda has been following the healthy eating diet plans from Lose Baby Weight for a while now and finds it the best way to lose weight. She continues to share her journey as she learns that success is not always about what the scales say:
It is not all about the scales!
This week has been good. Monday I returned from Melbourne and was feeling good about a 2.5kgs weight loss last week.
I have had 2 Healthy Mummy Smoothies a day all week and I definitely feel good because of this. It was my daughter’s birthday this week and we made the flourless chocolate cake from The Guilt Free Chocolate & Baking Recipe Book.
OMG it was delicious and eaten completely guilt free.
The Healthy Mummy support group has been a lovely place to spend time and check in on the August toning challenge. It has hurt and I have felt like stopping and quitting when it hurts but I do feel amazing afterwards. I am not going overkill on the exercise. I am standing up a lot intentionally and I am doing the exercises in the 28 Day Diet and Exercise Plan with a few extra big walks about three times a week.
I have been aiming for 10,000 steps a day, and although most days this is achieved before midday, when we drove to the snow this week and spent 4.5 hours of the day in the car, it was hard to achieve. I made sure if we stopped I ran around with the kids.
I missed my lunch time Healthy Mummy Smoothie but found a healthy salad shop and got a chicken salad. A lot of the time I told my husband that I would walk places and he could then meet me in the car, which meant I was getting extra walking and moving in – most of the time I beat him there!
I was unsure how to cook for 10 people while away. I made a double batch of Chicken and Coriander Spag as found on the Lose Baby Weight web site. I made it in the slow cooker and it was awesome and enjoyed over 2 days.
Waking up and doing my August toning challenge with 6 kids was interesting. I am puffing away and they are telling me it is easy to see why am I so red! I found working out with them very motivating. My son now does the challenge exercises with me everyday and when we get to the sit ups, insists he loves this part.
This week my husband has enjoyed a Healthy Mummy Smoothie with me every morning – I get thanked for a delicious smoothie. They really taste amazing.
Monday came faster than I thought it would and I had eaten very well all week with the exception that there was more sitting than usual with our big road trip. I step on the scales and weigh in at 82.0kgs – I lost 800grams! I feel okay about this. A loss is a loss but it is hard to follow a 2.5kg loss week like the week before.
I then take my measurements in a spare second. I start at my thighs, they are unchanged at 60cms, I stay hopeful! Next my hips 110cms (10cm loss) – waist 87cms (1cm loss) – and now my bust 98cm (17cm loss) I re-measure just to make sure I am reading it right – yep I am and the pictures say it all really.
You can’t trust the scales and now I believe it really does not matter what the scales are saying. I am doing the right thing, I feel great and people are starting to notice my clothes are beginning to feel comfortable again.
Lose Baby Weight is the only way I will live (below is a picture of me in my original before and after shot after I lost over 40kg on the plans). It has changed me and in many ways I am thankful to my bump in the road. It has made me thankful and realise this is my life. I have taken control and I feel accountable for everything I am doing and eating. If only I could stop baking from the Guilt Free Cookbook!
Week 3 is to come and I am ready to eat clean walk a bit more to make up for our road trip weekend – and don’t forget to join me on the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge – I can’t wait!
Linda Hallas

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