Motivating Mum Lauren Kolstad has lost over an incredible 23kgs with Lose Baby Weight and proves that you can exercise ANYWHERE!

Hello Lovelies
Yep it’s me again! Looking forward to finishing off 2014 with a bang as a Motivating Mumma for December xx
This month I thought I’d talk a little about exercise. I have always loved exercise…once I actually got off my butt and did it…but after my son was born I had all the excuses under the sun not to. I had a bad night, I don’t have time, I’m back at work, it’s too hot, it’s too cold (I live in Canberra)…eventually it was because I was too big and unfit and uncomfortable.
But when I started with Lose Baby Weight in June this year I knew that I needed to get moving in order to help with the weight loss, but also to help keep my mind in the game. If I kept using the same old excuses then I was always in danger of falling back into those bad habits.
I work 4 days a week, fairly long days and my husband works 6 days, so if I didn’t fit exercise and incidental activity into my every day and waited for ‘the right time’ to exercise, I soon found that the right time just never came around. So now, I exercise everywhere and anywhere. I have set exercise sessions each week, bootcamp 2-3 times, a 5km run and I also fit in a couple of sessions from the Healthy Mummy DVD or a couple of rounds of the awesome 5,4,3,2,1 lose baby weight workout. I’m also a 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge subscriber – so during challenge months I fit these in on top of my regular exercise most days.
But the biggest and most important change for me is the incidental exercise, I park as far away as possible when running errands and I squat, plank and do kegel exercises whenever and wherever I am. So much so that I have a recurring post in the closed facebook group called ‘WHERE IS LAUREN EXERCISING NOW…’. It started as a bit of fun with me planking under my desk at work and has become a challenge for me to find new and outrageous places to ‘plankie’ (a planking selfie).
Some fun ways I’ve exercised are – after a friends hens party in my fancy dress and heels, at my local coffee shop on my morning coffee run, with my dad on a family get together in Sydney in front of the harbour bridge and on the steps of the Opera house, at the airport while travelling to Sydney and Melbourne on a work trip, in the park at Circular Quay listening to live music, while playing at the park with my son, squats in the toilet at work, walking lunges while going to the kitchen to make a cuppa and as mentioned – planking under my desk. There are so many opportunities to fit things in during your day.
But in all seriousness, I want to show that you can actually exercise wherever you are, that you don’t need to wait for the right time and that even in our super busy days as mummas, we can ALWAYS find 30secs to do some exercise. Without the change in mindset and without saying goodbye to my excuses, I wouldn’t be reaching my goals and becoming a happier, more confident and healthy mumma.

Current ‘stats’ for my weight loss are:

  • Staring weight (18 June): 110kg
  • Current weight (6 December): 86.2kg
  • Bust: -22cm
  • Waist: -21cm
  • Hips: -24cm
  • Thigh (each): -15.5cm

If I can do it – you can definitely do it! Ok, maybe you’re not as cray cray as I am and won’t be trying to find the weirdest place to exercise, but you can definitely fit something in each day. I challenge you to find 3x 30sec each day to fit some weird and wonderful exercise (even if it’s behind closed doors within your own home) to get your plankie on ….or just fit some incidental exercise in xxx
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