Motivating Mum Lauren shares her mid month blog with Lose Baby Weight. You can see Lauren’s progress here.

Hi welcome to my mid month Motivating Mummy blog!
I am as always loving every minute of my healthy lifestyle and still spreading the word!
My hubby actually laughed at me tonight at how much my style of cooking/eating has changed. I remembered back to days of huge servings and lots of bread/white pasta! How times have changed.
I had ran out of my Healthy Mummy Smoothies over the weekend and honestly felt lost. I look forward to every one and I love making up new combinations. My usual go to favourite is vanilla powder with almond milk, banana, oats and a teaspoon of coffee..YUMMY!
I’m a busy mum of two young babies and I always need to carry snacks with me on my busy days and for me my fave things to snack on are a handful of almonds, a small apple or sometimes a sneaky skim latte!
Omelettes and the cheesy chicken meatloaf are also up there on the top of my weekly meals with their filling ingredients and family pleasing taste, they are a winner with me.
The 28 Day Diet and Exercise Plan has kept me going for months, but now I have the Guilt Free Baking Book and Summer/Spring books I’ll be cooking up a storm for months to come.
I was feeling rather tired today and ironically unmotivated today but I got up and went to the gym and did a workout, that in itself got my heart rate up and made me feel more energised in return.
Win win!
Lauren Jones.
(the 1st pic is me the day of my sons birth, the second pic is me last week at a girls’ weekend away)
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