Lauren Bicker has lost an amazing 8kgs with Lose Baby Weight and has come on board as a Motivating Mum for October.
Well done Lauren xx
Hi everyone, my name is Lauren and I’m 31 years old. I had always been slim prior to having my son without much effort. I ate healthy food and did a little exercise but never had to watch my weight.
I put 13kgs on with my son and lost 5kgs immediately after having him. Much to my disappointment after 6 weeks of feeding my son I had to stop. My final 8kgs wound not budge however due to sleep deprivation and feeding issues with my son I used food as comfort.
I hated the way I looked, I refused to buy bigger clothes and basically felt sorry for myself. I always made an effort to exercise but food was my problem.
When my son turned 16 months I made the decision I wanted to change. I was sick of hearing myself whinge. I stumbled upon the Lose Baby Weight website and I haven’t looked back. I have a Healthy Mummy Smoothie for breakfast and a recipe from the 28 Day Diet and Exercise Plan or the Lose Baby Weight Website. My son is now 20 months and I’ve lost the additional 8kgs. My next goal is to tone.
I plan on having another baby in the near future and will not think twice about how I will lose my baby weight again. I finally have lost all my weight, feel confident and rewarded myself with a new wardrobe.

Lauren Bicker

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