Hi everyone,
The last two weeks have been quite busy for me, but I’ve still been able to keep on track with following the Lose Baby Weight plans and exercise.  I’ve only lost 200 grams since my update 2 weeks ago, but I’m now up to a total loss of  post pregnancy weight of 20.2kgs since I started in November.
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Here are my updated stats:
End of Nov (start of Lose Baby Weight program):

  • Weight: 95.2kgs
  • Waist: 131.5cms
  • Hips: 127.5cms
  • Thighs: 69.5cms

End May:

  • Weight: 75kgs (-20.2kgs)
  • Waist: 89cms (-42.5cms)
  • Hips: 115.5cms (-12cms)
  • Thighs: 60cms (-9.5cms)

I’ve been a bit disappointed that the scale hasn’t moved much in the past two weeks, but after reading some posts in the new private Lose Baby Weight Facebook Group, I think I’m making a common mistake: not eating enough!  My baby has started to wean from breastfeeding, so I thought I better cut down my calorie intake.  After checking the BMI/BMR calculator on the Lose Baby Weight website, I’ve realised I should be eating more.  Hopefully my hard work will start to pay off again!
In the past two weeks I have lost another two centimetres from my hips, which means that I’m almost able to do up my size 12 jeans… They just don’t look very flattering yet (hello gross muffin top)!  My next mini goal is to be able to wear those jeans by the end of the June.
Even though I’m now 75kgs, I’ve noticed that my body shape is completely different to what it was pre-baby (I guess that should have been obvious!).  I don’t think my goal weight of about 65kgs will match what I thought I would look like when I got down to that number again.  I think I’ll have to adjust my end goals and focus more on measurements and fitness than actual weight.
Almost every time I try a new healthy eating recipe from one of the Lose Baby Weight cookbooks or website, I think it’s my new favourite!  I don’t feel like I have to have “cheat meals” because all the food is great.  I love the zucchini slice from the guilt free cookbook, and the poached eggs and stir fry recipes in the Lose Baby Weight 28 Day Plan.  My favourite Healthy Mummy Smoothies are still tropical mango or chocolate mocha.  I need to branch out and try some different ones!
If you were doing the Lose Baby Weight Belly Buster Challenge this month, I hope you’ve managed to reach the goals you set for yourself.
I am now really excited about the Winter Weight Loss Challenge – bring it on!
Kristy Tidey
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