Hi lose baby weight mums,
Time for another update from me.  I’ve been really happy to continue on in May as a motivating mum – thanks for keeping me accountable!  I’m happy to report that I’ve now lost 20kgs since starting the Lose Baby Weight program in November.
At my biggest I am ashamed to say that I was barely squeezing into size 22 jeans, and today my size 14s are baggy.  I’m in an awkward size stage where the next size down won’t do up around my hips but fit perfectly in the legs.  I’m looking forward to the day they do up!
Here are my updated stats:
End of Nov (start of Lose Baby Weight program):

  • Weight: 95.2kgs
  • Waist: 131.5cms
  • Hips: 127.5cms
  • Thighs: 69.5cms

Mid May:

  • Weight: 75.2kgs (-20kgs)
  • Waist: 89cms (-42.5cms)
  • Hips: 117cms (-10.5cms)
  • Thighs: 60cms (-9.5cms)

May has been a busy month for me.  I returned to work part time a few weeks ago, so I’ve had to make sure I’m organised and have easy meals planned out for work days.  Usually that looks like a healthy mummy smoothie for breakfast, a simple lunch like a wrap or a salad from the Lose Baby Weight 28 day plan, and some healthy snacks.  For dinner I’ve been trying some of the slow cooker recipes from the lose baby weight website.  I love the bbq pulled chicken and the beef stew, and it’s amazing to come home and not have to cook dinner.  I find it’s much easier to make good choices if they’re ready to eat, so I make sure I have everything prepared ahead of time.
The other day someone asked me how I was able to find the willpower to “stick to my diet”.  I guess there are a couple of ways to answer that.  Firstly, the Lose Baby Weight Program doesn’t feel like a diet to me – it’s just helped me to make a lifestyle change.  I can choose what I want to eat and I’m making healthier choices.  The thought of starting is overwhelming, but once you get into it, it really is as simple as one meal at a time, one workout at a time.  Once it “clicks” for you, it’s not really about willpower at all.
My biggest tip for anyone trying to get motivated with their own weight loss goals is to find a friend who wants to get fit and healthy too.  One of my friends joined the gym with me when I first started the Lose Baby Weight program, and it’s been great to have the extra support of a gym buddy.  If one of you is having a bad day, the other one can help you to turn it around.   A few times I’ve been tempted to skip a gym class or eat something I’ll regret later, and I text a friend who reminds me NOT TO DO IT.  The other thing I do at the moment is write down every single item that enters my mouth and that seems to make me think twice about eating it!
Going back to work has meant I’m not able to find as much time to exercise, so I’ve been using the Lose Baby Weight DVD on work days.  I’ve also been enjoying the belly buster challenges and adding in some quick exercises that I can do while spending time with my baby.  I’ve been squatting and planking while we play.
I hope that you’re all doing well with your own goals this month!
Kristy Tidey
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