tips_on_how_to_lose_your-baby_weightSo the holiday season is finally over and even though you didn’t plan on it, you did over indulge and the number on the scales is not one that you wanted to see and you want to know the best way to lose weight after your baby…
Your muffin top is there, you feel sluggish and your confidence is low but all is not lost – and at the risk of sounding extremely clichéd, 2011 can be your year and there is nothing like kissing goodbye to bad feelings and health remorse than welcoming in a new level of positivity and health focus that will take you to an all time high – and without the caffeine!
So now you have decided to put 2010 behind you, let’s focus on making 2011 the year to transform yourself into a healthy mum who is glowing with health and confidence and who can lose their pregnancy weight!
At Lose Baby Weight, we believe the key to losing your baby weight and being in your best health is a combination of nutrition, food, exercise, understanding your metabolism and having the right support and motivation – and without all of these being taken care of it is very easy to fall off the weight loss bandwagon after only a couple of weeks and giving up on a “New Year, New You” and deciding it is all too hard with too little results.
However, contrary to popular belief it doesn’t have to be hard and adopting a new healthy regime can be easy to follow and stick to once you know what to do.
Firstly you need to establish why you want to lose your pregnancy weight and really think about it.  Don’t just do it “just because it is a new year”, but write down your reasons about how still carrying your baby weight makes you feel.
Do you feel a lack of confidence when going out? Do you crave to fit into your old clothes? Do you want to have more energy to play with your kids? Do you want to look good naked? Do you want to have a healthy body inside and out? Do you want to look good for a special occasion? Or do you want to slim down to prepare for baby number 2 or 3.  When you have established your reasons have them close to hand at all time – whether that be in your wallet or on your fridge as you WILL have moments of weakness and remembering why you are doing this will really help your will power overcome your cravings.
Then there is food and nutrition.  At the heart of healthy living and weight loss is cellular nutrition and this is where our cells are fully nourished so they work to the best of their ability.  If they are not fully nourished then the whole body doesn’t work properly which leads to a poor immune system, poor digestion, poor nutrient absorption, poor metabolism and the inability to lose weight and your belly fat.
But in today’s hectic lifestyle we lead it can be hard to in take all the nutrition as not only is so much food processed within an inch of its life, but also as busy mums we just don’t have the time to eat properly at every meal and as such resort to unhealthy fast foods which are devoid of good nutrition.  So what’s the answer? At Lose Baby Weight we advocate having a nutritious smoothie for breakfast and lunch.  But not any old one which is full of weight loss accelerants, caffeine and protein – we use The Healthy Mummy range which has been created especially for mums.
As well as the Lose Baby Weight smoothies, we believe your body’s metabolism needs to be firing at all times and this means lots of high protein snacks during the day which will have you burning more calories without actually doing anything.  Combine this approach with a lean protein and veggie heavy evening meal plus at least 1.5 litres of water every day and 4 cups of green tea and nutritionally you are giving your body all the tools it needs to offload those kilos.
And finally the exercise.  If you enjoy the gym and have the time to go then it is a great way to burn extra calories but most mums don’t have the time, energy or inclination to sweat it out in the gym plus they have their little bubba’s to take care of.  The good news is that steady weight loss can be achieved through steady exercise such as walking every day with your pram and doing exercises at home.  The Lose Baby Weight personal trainer has created easy to follow exercise plans, which make it easy for mums to get their exercises in without thinking about it too much and you can view out top five exercises to tone up below.

Exercises to lose your baby weight from losebabyweight on Vimeo.
So hopefully from reading this you can see that a New You in 2011 is more than achievable and that if you need any help on losing your weight then Lose Baby Weight is here to help and by looking on the website you can read about some of the thousands of mums we have already helped and see some of their results.  Our plans start from $94 for 3 weeks and we provide weight loss plans, support, daily motivation, recipes and exercise plans to make your weight loss a success and bring back your confidence.