Kat Brown has been following our healthy eating plan and being a busy mum of 4 it has helped her with losing baby weight.
Here Kat shares her Top 5 quick, easy and healthy meals when you are pressed for time:healthy_eating_stirfry
Like lots of Mums sometimes the day can get away from us whether we are working or out for the afternoon and the last thing you feel like doing is thinking about what to cook for dinner!
So I thought I would share my top 5 go to meals that are quick, easy and delicious!

1) Stir Fry

Stir fry is a winner at our house, especially towards the end of the week when using up the last of the veg.  Serve with some basmati rice or quinoa and it’s a super nutritious and filing meal. You can see some stir fry recipes here.

2) Omelette

People often think of omelettes as a breakfast only meal but they can be a very nutritious dinner meal as well when loaded up with different veg and served with some salad and a piece of soy and linseed bread. You can see some omelette ideas here.

3) Quesadillas

So delicious that they feel naughty! You can literally put anything into a quesadilla; as long as you have some light tasty cheese to help it all stick together you are good to go. You can see some yummy quesadilla ideas here.

4) San Choy Bow

Can be tailored to suit whatever protein you have on hand. We love to use chicken or beef mince and our veg options change every time we make it. Here are some San Choy Bow ideas here.

5) Spinach and Ricotta Rolls

These are too yummy! The kids request these every week and I often add extra grated veg into the mix. You can see the recipe here.
Hope these few ideas can help you to make the healthier choice the next time you are pressed for time
Kat Brown xx
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