Kat Brown – lost 24kg with Lose Baby Weight over 10 months

The 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge has been fantastic value!!

The recipes have been delicious and easy to prepare, the exercises have been very challenging and non repetitive and the support you receive is invaluable!

The online Challenge Hub is well laid out and everything is always right at my fingertips!

The other thing I have also really valued is the fact that hundreds of other mums are eating what I am eating and learning what I am learning, I have definitely not felt like I was alone in this challenge at all!!


Tasheena Snow – lost 39kg with Lose Baby Weight over 12 months

I absolutely loved the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge!

I found it very easy to follow, the meals were delicious and the workouts were quick so I could get on with my day and know I had accomplished something for the day!


Jodie Koleman lost 25kg over 8 months

I found the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge to be easy and fun to use.

The recipes were delicious and the daily exercises were always challenging. I loved the online tracking tools, and the support of the Lose Baby Weight community kept me motivated.

I love it all!”


Barbara Dixon lost 12kg over 3 months

The 28 day challenge gave a boost to my weight loss journey.
The new recipes and the fact that there are mums in kitchens all over Australia cooking the same things and the same time bring a great sense of solidarity and teamwork!
The exercise hub is fantastic too, can be done anywhere, anytime, I’ve even done it at 8pm so that I can key in my numbers and get that sense of achievement.
It’s been a good month and there are 6 days left – I intend of making the most of it and dropping more cms and feeling fabulous, strong and healthy. 

Join the 28 Day Challenge here

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