A lot of mums ask me how I manage the Healthy Mummy & Lose Baby Weight business with being a mum. And there seems to be a lot of questions coming in around how I physically and mentally do it.

So I thought I would write a piece on how I run my business whilst still being an involved mum.
Firstly, what I have to say is that it is not easy and I work extremely hard every single day!
There is common mis-portrayal that running your own business is easy but once you have run your own business you know this is not the case!
Rhian Office

My personality

Whether I became a mum or not, my personality was always going to be the same. I am a passionate, honest and driven person. I love to commit to something I believe in and give everything I do 1000%.
When I became a mum, this didn’t change and I had the choice of working for someone in a corporate role or taking a risk and starting my own business in something I believed in – which was helping mums lose weight in a healthy way.
And now that I am a mum of 2 I have two very big roles to commit to 1000% – 1) being a mum and having a family and 2) being the Owner of The Healthy Mummy business – which is one of the fastest growing health and weight loss companies in the world – and has now helped mums lose over 1,000,000kg

Freedom – but hard work

Although the hours I work are long and I haven’t had a full day off in 5 years, I do have flexibility.
I am a mum so I do want to be present when my kids are growing up – this has always been an important consideration for me as the business continues to have rapid growth.
Rhian Healthy Mummy

How do I do it?

Number 1 is my husband. He is my full time business partner. A saint. He understands my sometimes insane amount of focus and energy and is patient to my 101 ideas that I want to implement as of yesterday.
He is the calm and I am the crazy – we work well together and together we are testament that a hubby and wife team can work well together.
Secondly, I have a fantastic nanny who take care of my kids in the day time so I can go to my office and work, and then from 4.30pm onwards we have family time until they go to bed – then it is back to work in the evening
I also have over 25 staff who are incredible and I rely on each and every one of them to make the business what it is – and 99% of them are mums too.
I try very hard to employ mums as I know how tough it can be when you have had kids and the very hard decision about whether to go back to work or stay at home so I really do my best to bring as many mums under “the Healthy Mummy Banner” as possible for work – and on that note stay tuned as we are just about to launch a new test program for new Healthy Mummy jobs and if it is successful we hope to have LOTS of new opportunities coming up for mums in the coming months working for The Healthy Mummy.

Family and the juggle

My family always come first in my life but my life really is a juggling act. I am forever grateful for the business and the customers and I constantly strive to make what we do even better.
My family understand my inner drive to do this and they all support me 100%. My husband and kids love The Healthy Mummy philosophy.
They all understand the need to live a healthy life and they all understand the importance that we all play in leading a good example to show how healthy doesn’t need to be boring or extreme – which includes mum doing exercise at the park!
Exercise Rhian
I feel so lucky that I have a family team around me who get why I am so passionate about what I do.
Who understand why I am so dedicated about making a healthy, unique and useful company to mums wanting to get healthy and lose weight and how I want to leave a positive mark on every customer’s life who use The Healthy Mummy products – and how I will never stop doing all I can to make it better and better every day.

Top 5 tips for mums running a business

  1. Make sure you are passionate about what you are doing. Passion will keep you focused and dedicated 365 days a year
  2. Get your family involved in your business so they understand what you do and make them feel part of it too then it feels like you are all working together at something
  3. Focus on your customer. Customer service is number 1 at all times. LOVE your customer and always listen to what they say
  4. If you believe you have a good business and have research to back it up, invest it in and back yourself. Success doesn’t happen overnight – it takes hard work, dedication and consistency
  5. Try new things. Be creative. Be innovative. Never give up. You will get there – hard work will pay off.

Rhian x
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