healthy_mummy_rhianHi everyone
As the Lose Baby Weight & Healthy Mummy brands continue to have extraordinary growth, I thought I should outline the brand values & core attributes of the Company so that if you have just found us you can quickly see what we stand for and if you are a long time follower it will confirm what you already know!

The brand mission statement

Our products and plans empower mums to live a healthier life.

What products do we sell?

Our products are all The Healthy Mummy branded and we have our weight loss range, a healthy pregnancy range and a healthy kids recipe book.
The pregnancy range and healthy kids range are both sold on our site

Our weight loss range

Our weight loss range is the biggest in the range and within this our 2 biggest sellers are our 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge and our Healthy Mummy Smoothies and then we also have over 12 recipe books and an exercise DVD
We have 2 websites where products can be purchased – and
Weight Loss

Our weight loss message

Healthy weight loss for busy mums. Our plans and products are also safe for mums who are breastfeeding. You can read about breastfeeding here

Our approach is balanced

Our food and nutrition approach is balanced.
We have extremely experienced nutritionists creating all of our food plans/products and our plans include all food groups.
Our plans are also very realistic and are family friendly and our 28 Day Challenge  has over 800 family friendly meals in
The plans educate you on healthy eating without deprivation and all our team are mums so they really understand the challenges of preparing family meals and work hard to create healthy, budget friendly, tasty and family friendly meals.
Our focus is on intaking as many nutrients as possible and not having to calorie count.

We don’t judge

It has always been my goal to have the business and website appeal to every mum no matter what stage they are at.
Weight loss is a very personal issue and I wanted mums to be able to come to the site and feel there was a solution or them no matter what their situation. I had noticed that a lot of health sites made readers feel guilty for not eating/drinking something or failing to do enough of something.
I had also noticed a lot of weight loss companies and sites made customers feel like failures if they had a bad day or week and some of the comments/feedback in the forums were shocking.
So I wanted to make sure that women felt no judgement when they visited our site or took part in our plans.
This was a very important part to me as no one is perfect and if someone is drinking 10 cans of coke a day, that person doesn’t want to be made to feel bad about what coke is doing to her. She instead wants help on how to cut down.
And if someone posts in our private group forum about having a bad day and eating donuts she wants to be picked up not told that she is never going to lose weight.
We have invested heavily in our moderation in our group forum and we have possibly the most positive and uplifting weight loss group anywhere in the world.
Mums in the group feel inspired and safe and most importantly supported by like minded women every day – any hour or day of the week.

We offer value

The business has always understood the need to deliver mums value.
And as a mum of 2 small children I absolutely understand how budgeting for a family is so hard!
Although we are a business and obviously need to run as a business, we are very mindful of costs and consistently do all we can to offer exceptional value and unprecedented support to mums on our weight loss plans.
I am extremely driven to offer the highest quality products – without the price tag.
For example – our 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge gives you monthly 28 day meal plans (all customisable & interactive), personalised shopping list, daily exercise plans with videos, over 800 recipes and daily support for under $1 a day – other programs cost at least 3-4 times as much.
Plus our Healthy Mummy smoothies are lower in cost per serve than most other mass market shakes but our ingredients are premium and have no added sugar plus when you buy our smoothies you are also getting our full support network too.
And we also offer weekly offers, discounts and prizes during the week to give back to customers.

Inspiration from real mums

The brand is very much focused on real mums and we focus on realistic results and realistic weight loss.
Every day on our website and on our social pages you can see lots of stories and before & after pictures from mums transforming their body on our plans.
Due to the sheer volume of mums posting their stories there is always someone you can relate to – whether it is someone with 5kg or 50kg to lose, whether it is a mum with PCOS or with food intolerances.
Whether you are breastfeeding or not, whether you are working or not, whether you are on a budget or not, whether you have injuries or not – there is always someone you can relate to. You can see hundreds of results from mums here

We listen

As the founder and owner of the business I care extensively about the business and every customer.
I listen to all comments and feedback and I implement feedback where and when I can
It is all my own money that created the business and it is all my own money that I constantly reinvest back into the business.
I am driven to constantly make the business bigger and better and to keep delivering more and more useful tools to mums all over the Country and the world.
We listen

My involvement

I started the business in October 2010 when I was pregnant with my first baby.
It has since become my 3rd child! You can read the full story behind me launching the business here
I am heavily involved in the business and it is my absolute passion.
I live the brand every day and follow every 28 Day Challenge, use the Healthy Mummy Smoothies and make healthy living part of my life.
Through our social media channels I do all I can to show mums my own Healthy Mummy lifestyle and how I make being healthy part of my busy life.
My team and I work every single day to ensure that the tens of thousands of mums using our products and plans have all the support they could possibly need.
You can chat to me in our Private Group and I also post regular blogs, videos and pictures where I share my own Healthy Mummy journey – juggling motherhood, running a business and living a healthy life. You can check in on my blog here
You can see our full range of products in our shop here