The incredible Jodie Tecksingani has lost an amazing 16kgs with Lose Baby Weight and shares her mid month Motivating Mum update.

Hard to believe it’s the middle of the month already…
This month so far I am down another 1kg but the biggest difference can be seen in the lose of cms. This month I have lost close to 5 cm in each of my key areas.
I also found my original measurements from when I started the Healthy Mummy program‘s.
Overall results so far with the healthy mummy plans:

  • Weight: 22kg
  • Bust: 22 cm
  • Arm: 10cm
  • Hips: 27cm
  • Waist: 27cm

Taking my total to 88cm lose over all, pretty excited about that.
Also this month with the 28 Day Winter Weight Loss Challenge I have been able to enjoy more incredibly tasty meals and rediscover muscles that haven’t been used in a while, the exercise in the first week made me sore. Now in the middle on the month I am feeling lighter, more energetic and my clothes are falling down even though the kg’s haven’t moved much.
My favourite meal so far is the grilled vegetable stack with haloumi, it has just the right combination of saltiness and savoury for when I’m craving takeaway food.
I still try to use the Healthy Mummy and Post Pregnancy Exercise DVD on a regular basis as well as do the exercises from the challenge especially when it’s miserable weather outside , while also ensuring I hit 10,000 steps outside of exercise.
 The Healthy Mummy and Lose Baby Weight Private Support Group on Facebook has been a key thing to helping me stay motivated as not only am I there to support others as a motivating mum but they are also there supporting me.
My favourite Healthy Mummy Smoothie is still a mango passion however with my local store being out of frozen mango I have been mixing it up with a bit of rockmelon and honey dew melon.
A couple of days this month have been ultra early and the convince of being able to have a smoothie and go is a fantastic option. In a pinch, I have mixed them with a shot of coffee and skim milk and while they still fill me up, I do get hungry earlier than if I bulk it up with fruit, oats, LSA etc.
To all those people that are struggling to lose weight, I say give it a try, start with the 28 Day Diet & Exercise Plan and progress from there. This is a lifestyle change to help you get the weight off and keep it off.
Jodie Tecksingani
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