You’re just about to go to bed – and you feel hungry. You hop up to feed the baby at 2am – and feel hungry. Then as soon as you wake in the morning – you feel hungry.
Does this sound familiar?
If you are breastfeeding your baby you may have been wondering why you feel so hungry all the time.
healthy_eatingThe first thing to know is that this is completely normal. After all, your body is providing nourishment for another person – and you need to use up calories from your healthy eating in order to make breast milk.
You may have heard that you need to increase the calories in your healthy eating plan while breastfeeding (around 500 calories per day, depending on other factors – work out your personal calorie needs here).
But the best advice to follow when you are a breastfeeding mother is to eat when you feel hungry.
You should also aim to have protein and good fats with your main meals as these will keep you feeling more satisfied.
Today we have some ideas for what a healthy eating day might look like for a breastfeeding mum.
Be sure to sip water throughout the day too – your water requirements increase dramatically when breastfeeding and it’s a good idea to be drinking it before you feel thirsty.


SmoothieWe know, you might have had a bad night’s sleep and all you want is something quick and easy like jam on toast and a sweet coffee as big as your head. But a breakfast like this will set you up for a sugar fuelled roller coaster ride.
The sugar from the coffee, jam and white bread will give you a sugar high (where you feel pretty darn good) but this is followed by the sugar crash.
That’s where your body starts thinking it needs some more sugar, and you might find yourself reaching for a pastry or donut around an hour later to prop you up.
Instead, try a quick and easy mum-friendly breakfast such as a Healthy Mummy Smoothie that gives you the all-important protein kick as well as a dose of healthy fats (and they’re 96% sugar free).
Here’s another idea for something that you can make in minutes.

Eggs In A Mug

This is so quick and easy. Take a large mug and add a chopped tomato and a tbsp of chopped fresh herbs (think basil or parsley). Then add a tbsp of crumbled feta and some pepper.
Crack in two eggs and gently stir to combine. Microwave on medium power for one minute, check and cook for longer if needed until the egg is set to your liking. Enjoy with a slice or two of wholegrain toast.

Morning Tea

Yoghurt&BananaAs a breastfeeding mum it’s more important than ever to eat regularly throughout the day.
As you are producing milk all day long you need to give your body regular nourishment in order to be able to feed your baby.
A great idea for morning tea is to go for something like Greek yoghurt (protein and calcium) with a sprinkling of LSA (protein and good fats) and 1/2 a sliced banana.
This will knock out any hunger pains and keep you feeling full and content until lunchtime.


Roasted-Pumpkin-and-Apple-Soup--2Hopefully your baby has a nap around lunchtime and you can find some time to sit down to eat your lunch.
A great idea is to pre-prepare some healthy lunches for those days when you are too tired to do much more than hit ‘start’ on the microwave.
Soup is a great option as you can just keep it stored in the fridge and heat when required. We love hearty soups like Apple and Roast Pumpkin Soup which you could enjoy with a small wholegrain roll.
Another idea is these jacket potatoes – but instead of the classic white potato we suggest using sweet potatoes as they offer a slower release of energy for your afternoon.

Loaded Sweet Potatoes

Here is a super filling healthy option that is so easy to pull together. At the start of the week place several small sweet potatoes on a tray lined with baking paper. Drizzle with coconut oil or olive oil and a pinch of salt. Add some herbs if you have them (chopped rosemary or thyme work well). Roast in a hot oven around 190C until tender and golden (around 30 mins).
Once cooled, these will keep well in the fridge for several days. When lunchtime rolls around, warm one up in the microwave and add any of your favourite fillers.
You could try:

  • 2 tbsp cottage cheese, ½ diced tomato, 2 tbsp kidney beans
  • Leftover bolognese with a dollop of natural yoghurt on top
  • A simple tuna and mayonnaise mixture with a few tbsp corn

Serve with a simple side salad such as baby spinach and cucumber.

Afternoon Tea

Apple-and-Walnut-LoafBy this time of day you may be craving something sweet to go with your well deserved cup of tea.
And by all means you can treat yourself – but by preparing some healthy options ahead of time and storing them in the freezer, all you have to do is heat and eat.
We love baked goodies such as the Apple Cinnamon and Walnut Loaf or a sweet muffin such as the single serve Carrot Cake Muffins.


For many mums, dinner can be tough as you are most likely trying to prepare the family meal while also looking after the kids (and trying to keep your eyes open).
For this reason, anything you can do earlier in the day when the kids are napping or occupied will pay dividends come dinner time.
iStock_000002607948_ExtraSmall1-300x199So if you can throw a meal in the slow cooker when the baby goes down for her morning nap at 9am – go for it. A family favourite that is so easy is the Veggie Packed Bolognese. Your slow cooker can become your new best friend when you are a busy mum, as the hard work is done earlier in the day.
Or if you were going to cook something like our Healthy Pad Thai you could always pre-chop the veggies and chicken when the baby has a nap around lunchtime. Then it will take no time to cook when you are ready to have dinner.
Another great tip for mums is to go for a simple oven friendly meal that doesn’t need constant supervision. For instance our Roast Lemon Chicken is a recipe where everything gets thrown onto a tray and baked in the oven. You will only need to check on it a couple of times, and the veggies get cooked alongside the meat.
Need more ideas? Check out these one pot wonders.

Evening Snack

Lemon and Coconut Bliss BallsMany breastfeeding mothers crave something sweet after dinner, and once again being prepared will mean you can indulge on a healthy option that you have made yourself (rather than a tub of Ben & Jerry’s).
We love these freezer-friendly Lemon and Coconut Bliss Balls or this Chocolate and Coconut Mousse (make a few portions and keep in the fridge for the week).
Here’s another idea that you can eat straight from the freezer.

Frozen Yoghurt Covered Strawberries

Wash and dry a punnet of strawberries, removing the green tops.
Place some natural or Greek yoghurt into a bowl and dip your berries in to coat.
Place the strawberries on a lined baking tray, then place in the freezer for around 2 hours. Store in a zip lock bag.

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