For many mums trying to lose pregnancy weight, we can focus solely on the healthy eating component. After all, eating is something we need to do several times per day.
Often exercise can be pushed aside as a ‘too hard’ concept if it is not something that we naturally enjoy.
But working out can really help to push your results into top gear. It can tone you up in a way that food alone can’t, leading to a new body shape or a level of fitness that you have only dreamed about.
So what should you do if you are one of the (many) people who say that they actually really don’t like traditional exercise?
Lose Baby Weight Without Exercise
Try some of our tips below. These could see you getting fit and active without taking part in a single aerobics class.

lose baby weight

Get yourself a training buddy

Having someone who is meeting you on the corner for a walk with the kids or at the pool for some laps is a great motivator.
Plus the great part is that you can chat and catch up while you exercise which is a great way to keep your mind off the movement.
Many mums also find that having a dog that needs regular exercise is a great way to get yourself out the door.
You can read more about why we love the idea of training buddies here.

Find something active that you enjoy

You might not be into running or cycling, but there must be something active that you enjoy (or can even put up with).
Every type of movement burns calories – it could be gardening, hiking, rock climbing, canoeing, walks on the beach, even window shopping counts as exercise.
Trying something new is good for your own mental health, and can also be a real positive if you try it with a friend or your partner. Karate anyone?

best ways to lose weight

Go harder for shorter times

Lose Baby Weight - Exercise DVDThis is really the goal of our Healthy Mummy Post Pregnancy Exercise DVD. It’s all split up into 10 and 15 minute sessions that you can fit in whenever you can throughout the day.
You need to train hard during that time, but you can rest easy knowing that it’s only for a few minutes.
You can also check out our article here on HIIT training which explains what High Intensity Interval Training is and how to do it.

Distract yourself

Perhaps you could do some Lounge Room Exercises or jump on a treadmill while you watch a recorded episode of your favourite show on TV.
That way you might be able to distract yourself enough from the exercise to just get on with it without giving your brain a chance to make excuses to stop.

Find a reason for it

Exercising for the sake of ‘doing exercise’ can feel boring and pointless. So why not find a way to get moving in order to reach a goal?
It could be as simple as walking to the post office to send a letter instead of driving there; or walking the kids to school and back instead of putting them on the bus.
If there is a reason for your exercise it can often feel like less of a chore. You can also tick something off your to-do list while you get a sweat on.

Use your kids as a motivation to move

If you find yourself using TV and computer games as a way to keep your kids occupied, why not make a change for their sake?
You could set aside some time each day or week when they are normally restless or bored (just prior to witching hour is a good option!) and do something active.
It could be going to the park to fly a kite; taking the scooters down to the bike track; taking the dog for a walk; visiting a new park or beach and collecting shells or stones.
And it doesn’t have to involve leaving the house if you don’t want to. Try having a running race in the backyard; have a treasure hunt where you hide all of the pink pegs and the kids have to find them; throw on some 80’s music and have a dance-off or play musical statues.

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