how to get fit for your new babyIf you already have a baby and conception is now your next goal then having another baby is one of the best exercise and weight loss motivations you may ever have.
But, as much as we know this to be true, we don’t want to guilt you into drastic dieting which can then lead to bad emotional eating patterns! So let’s get back to the positives of being fit before your next baby.
First, how about conception itself? Well last week we spoke about the link between obesity and infertility. and it is really important to see your weight loss as more of a health goal where weight loss will be a by product of.
Diet is a massive part of weight loss and following a healthy eating plan is key to losing the weight. Physical fitness will also help you lose the last of your baby weight and it works all of organs of your body, gets your circulatory system moving, and once you’ve done it, it makes you feel good!
Once you do manage to conceive, your body comes under an enormous amount of change. You will remember from the last time just how sluggish and heavy you felt as you approached term. Even in the early months your body goes through so many internal changes that a healthy, fit body is the best way to prepare for the marathon you’re about to go through. Especially if you incorporate core muscle exercises, you and your pelvic floor muscles will thank us later!
What about after the baby arrives? As you’ve already had a bub or two, you’ll know mindset is an amazing thing when it comes to coping with stress. And there isn’t much more stress than sleepless nights, colicky babies and a grumpy hubby plus being on a maternity-leave reduced income! Regular exercise improves the ‘feel good’ hormones in your body, and positively affects your mental outlook. A sense of calm will be easier to find in amongst all the chaos of family life.
Now, as a reminder, even though you may want quick weight loss post birth it is critical to follow a healthy eating plan and a sensible exercise plan such as our 28 Day Breastfeeding Friendly Diet & Exercise Plan.
There are lots of exercise suggestions on our website, recipe ideas, and every tool you need to lose baby weight so once you have your baby if you need help we are here!