the big link between obesity and fertility
A round, bulging belly was once considered a sign of wealth but it’s now a sign of disease. Having a high BMI has been directly linked to serious health conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, cancer and yes… infertility.
This topic might be a little heavier than our usual posts but if you’re wanting another baby and you’re still struggling with the weight gain from your last pregnancy then you’ve got to read this.
We’ve all heard that the best thing for our health is to lose tummy fat. And that’s because having tummy fat is a good indicator that you have a higher level of visceral, internal fat (you can learn why this is a bad thing here). Basically it’s very bad for your health in all sorts of ways, especially hormonally.
Doctors say being even slightly overweight can have an effect on your fertility. But if you’re obese (that means 30 percent of your body tissue is made up of fat) the chances of fertility problems goes up dramatically.

Have you ever considered where all your excess fat goes?

The answer is… everywhere.
Excess fat deposits in the ovaries can cause damage to new eggs which can ultimately result in miscarriage. High body fat has been found to compress and damage the fallopian tubes that transport eggs from the ovary.
That’s why weight loss for women of childbearing age is even more important. Now before anyone accuses us of only telling half the story, yes there are obese women who get pregnant without a problem. But if you’re wanting to have another baby and you’re still overweight from your last bub, you might want to consider how that fat could affect your chances of conceiving.
The best way to lose weight is to find a plan that works and stick to it. A new baby is an amazing goal to have, you won’t have a better excuse than that. And as you know we have all kinds of tools and ideas to help you reach your ideal weight so you wont be doing it alone.

What about men and being overweight?

A new French study finds that men who are overweight or obese to have a greater risk of infertility.  Overweight and obese men were found to have a low sperm count and more likely to have weaker sperm.
So if you’re thinking about another bub we hope this sobering news will be a great motivation to get you and your hubby working together to improve your chances of conception. So no more beer and pizza nights until your partner gets the job done… so to speak!
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