healthy_eatingWe all know the general guidelines for losing pregnancy weight – eat healthy portions, plenty of fruit and veg, do some exercise.
But there is a way that you can actually crank up the nutrition that you are receiving all throughout the day, just with a few simple tweaks to your already good healthy eating habits.


We love smoothies for breakfast, and they are a quick and easy way to start the day. Sure, you can prepare your own smoothie from fruit and milk, but there are so many more ways to pack a nutritional punch into your glass.

  • Add the Healthy Mummy Smoothie mix – packed with more than 25 vitamins, minerals, fibre, omega 3′s and protein this simple act is going to have you firing on all cylinders.
  • Add some LSA or Chia Seeds – you can see why we love LSA here and why chia seeds are so great here). Both mean you are adding extra protein to keep you feeling fuller for longer, which is great news when you are trying to lose pregnancy weight. You can buy Chia Seeds from our shop.
  • Add some greens – it doesn’t need to always be a fruit smoothie. In fact, adding something as simple as a big handful of baby spinach is a great way to up your vegetable intake – and honestly the flavour is very mild.
  • Add some whole oats – these will add texture to the smoothie as well as filling your tummy with slow releasing energy food.


If you are going to be whipping up a batch of healthy muffins or some muesli slice for your morning tea for the week, here is another chance to add value.

  • Once again, LSA and chia seeds can be thrown in at your leisure and you will hardly notice much change in the flavour.
  • In fact, chia seeds can be substituted for an egg if you are ever caught short. Just place 1 tbsp chia and 3 tbsp water in a small bowl and set aside for 5 minutes. The result is a soft mixture of egg-white consistency that you can pop straight into the mixing bowl.
  • Add some nuts for crunch – not many cakes and bakes can’t be improved with some crushed walnuts or pistachios. Make the most of the opportunity to add more protein to your snacks, as it will help keep you feeling satisfied until your next meal.
  • Switch out the sugars – there are so many alternatives for traditional table sugar that it’s worth exploring to find some you like. You could use honey or agave, sweeteners like Natvia are another option, or even try sweetening with banana, chopped dates or some grated apple.

Salads and Sandwiches

If you were to eat a vegetable based salad of lettuce, tomato, cucumber, capsicum and beetroot you might think you were making the best possible choice. But chances are, you would be hungry again soon after.
In fact, you are missing out on a perfect opportunity to throw in some more nutritious choices in this healthy lunch.

  • Add healthy proteins – not only do things like beef strips, chicken breast, tuna or chickpeas taste delicious the protein in them makes you feel fuller for longer afterwards.
  • Add some good fats – throw in some cheese or avocado and once again your satiety levels will be increased as well as your omega-3’s. Same goes for some good quality oil in your homemade dressing.
  • Add some crunch with nuts – yes, more protein isn’t a bad thing at all and nuts are a great way to add a new texture to your salad too.
  • Add good carbs – this is something like Mountain Bread wraps, a wholegrain roll, or some cous cous.

Main Meals

Depending on what you are cooking up, there are many ways to add a bit more goodness to your cooking.

  • Be sure to include healthy proteins and good fats – as outlined above these are essential at each meal.
  • Add a tin of kidney beans, chickpeas or lentils and reduce the meat content.
  • Use things like yoghurt instead of cream and reduce the calories.
  • Use spices to get your metabolism firing. Adding some chilli, pepper or jalapenos is a sure fire way to get your digestive system in top gear. In fact it’s been said that spicy foods can help to burn fat faster – so let’s fire up that curry!
  • Fill your plate with salads and steamed veggies, rather than piling up on the main meal itself.
  • Grate some zucchini or carrot into a casserole, curry or Bolognese. You might not really notice the flavour but it adds bulk and is another tick for the ‘getting more veggies into your diet’ rule.

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