Olive oil is a healthy salad dressingEating clean and adding more greens to your healthy diet plan is an amazing and refreshing way to feel good about yourself whilst working towards your ultimate goal of getting back your pre-pregnancy figure.
Salads are absolutely wonderful for our overall health and are delicious!
But most restaurants serve salads that are ridiculously packed with high calories and it pretty much ruins the whole idea of eating clean and healthy. More often than not, restaurant salads are extremely unhealthy and carry more calories than a regular burger.
One of the main culprits that makes salads so unhealthy is the salad dressing. Ranch, French, Thousand Island and Caesar dressings are amazingly tasty but they are also the ones with the highest fat content.
Well, there are healthier salad dressings that you can opt for and you can easily prepare them at home!

Olive oil and balsamic vinegar

This is an easy, quick, hassle free and extremely healthy alternative to bottled salad dressing. Olive oil contains great health benefits when used in moderation. You could try buying extra virgin olive oil as it is higher in quality, and 99% of the time chemical treatments aren’t used in the production of the oil. It is also low in saturated fat content so it’s very good for  post pregnancy weight loss. Balsamic vinegar is low in calorie and it helps the body to absorb calcium, and its distinctive taste gives your salad an extra zest!

Low-fat/non-fat yogurt-based salad dressing

Using yoghurt instead of mayo is going to be another great step towards reducing belly fat. There are a few types of yoghurt that you can use on your salad but try going
for low-fat or non-fat yoghurt. If you want something a little bit tastier, Greek yoghurt is tangier and less sweet compared to normal yoghurt, and the texture is creamier as well. It is also high in protein so you will get the nutrition that you need to get back into shape. If you’re using plain yoghurt and you want to get extra flavour out of it, try blending it with other healthy ingredients like raw crushed garlic, onions, cilantro or chives.


Avos are really refreshing and tasty, and its creamy texture makes it feel so good in your mouth. Its rich flavour also makes it a tasty alternative to bottled dressings and the ‘good fats’ can help you feel fuller so that you can avoid binge eating throughout the day. Add more colour and flavour to your avo dressing by throwing in some crushed garlic, vinegar, lemon juice, pepper or herbs.

Lemon, lime or orange juice

Get a light, tangy, zesty and refreshing flavour by adding some of these citric juices into your salad. Natural lemon, lime or orange juice contains lots of vitamin C that is good for your skin and joints, and acts as a powerful antioxidant in your body. You can always mix it up a little bit by adding some natural berries like blueberries or raspberries into your salad. The combined flavours will definitely give you a fun and rejuvenating taste whilst still managing to keep your caloric count to a minimum.
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