When you’re following a weight loss plan are trying to lose stomach fat or just trying to eat a bit healthier, it is important to know what you are eating and to know what small changes you can make in your diet so you see big results.
At Lose Baby Weight we believe in being balanced with your food and not undergoing drastic weight loss measures to see results – and below is a table of easy to make food swaps so you can start to feel healthier and looker lighter today.

High Fat To Low Fat Swap Table

Recipe Ingredient



Mince Use lean beef mince, or chicken/turkey mince instead. Once mince is cooked, drain fat from meat.Also reduce the quantity of meat and add vegetables to your mix
Butter or margarine for baking Use baby food apple puree which has no sugar added, or prune puree. May need some experimenting.
Butter or margarine for spreads Avocado or hummus. See our easy recipe for healthy homemade hummus here. Avocado contains fat but is a good fat
Butter or margarine for cooking A small amount of reduced fat cooking spray in a non-stick pan. Try cooking onions in water until translucent and tender rather than oil.
Eggs in baking Egg white and reduce the yolk quantity as the yolk is high in fat – but also is full of good nutrition so don’t cut out completely
 Alternatively you can use two egg whites to replace one egg in baking.
Mayonnaise Low fat mayonnaise or hummus and avocado.
Sour cream Sour cream alternative made from lite cottage cheese and lemon juice.
Milk, cheese, cottage cheese Low fat milk, low fat cheese and low fatcottage cheese. Reduce the overall quantity of cheese in cooking so you cut down on fat even further.
White bread Wholegrain bread and sourdough. For information on what bread is appropriate for a healthy eating plan, click here.
White variety carbs like pasta, rice and potato Wholemeal pasta, brown or wild rice, sweet potato, and couscous. For more information on what carbs are great for your weight loss plan, click here.
Olive oil, butter, sugar, and salt to flavour meals Grated lemon, fresh herbs, lime or orange zest on vegetables
Also use non-salt herbs, onion, garlic and chilli in your dishes.
Lasagna sheets Wholegrain tortillas.
Pizza base Wholegrain tortillas, pitta bread or mountain bread. Crisp in the oven before adding ingredients.
Sugar in baking Sugar replacement like Splenda to reduce calorie content, or honey. Did you know that in most baked goods you can safely reduce the sugar content by half and intensify the sweetness using nutmeg, vanilla and cinnamon. While honey is high in sugar its naturally occurring sugar that the body metabolises differently to processed sugar.
Ice cream Blend a frozen banana and berries to make a delicious fibre rich dessert. For more great Lose Baby Weight dessert idea’s click here.
Breadcrumbs Rolled oats or oatbran.
Marinade Fruit juice or balsamic vinegar.
Tinned fruit in syrup Tinned fruit in its own juice.

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