healthy_eatingMondays can be the starting point for a lot of people’s pregnancy weight loss.
The weekend seems too hard to start healthy eating; and mid-week seems like a bit of a strange time to kick off.
So if your Monday is full of good intentions, follow our health resolutions below to give you a helping hand with your pregnancy weight loss.

Take a soft approach

Declaring that you will never eat a biscuit or a chocolate again is both difficult to commit to and also highly unlikely. There’s no need to be super strict on yourself, as it’s just not sustainable. Instead, take the 80/20 approach where you commit to healthy eating 80% of the time, allowing yourself 20% leeway for slip ups and treats.

Get your pen and paper out

And plan your meals and snacks for the week. Get inspiration from our website, the 28 Day Plan, and the Summer Cookbook. Once you’ve decided what you will be making, prepare a shopping list (and stick with it).

Toss the junk

There is no point starting off your week full of hope and inspiration only to be tempted the moment you open the fridge or pantry.
So get rid of anything that is less than healthy – give it away or toss it in the bin. The less willpower you have to use on a daily basis the easier you will find it to stick to your healthy eating.

Do a healthy shop

Be sure to take your list, and don’t go shopping hungry. Even better, why not try online shopping?
There are less temptations, no screaming toddlers, and no long lines.

Fill your fridge with healthy options

Make snacking and meals a breeze by doing some prep work. Chop up some veggies for stir fries, salads or roasting; make some healthy eating dips to go with your pre-chopped carrot sticks; do a spot of healthy baking and freeze individual portions so that you always have snacks at the ready.

Make exercise part of your week

Instead of trying to fit exercise in where you can, commit to certain times that you will exercise and do what you need to do to make it happen.
For instance you might be able to arrange with a friend to mind her kids for an hour while she runs errands, and in return you can spend an hour at a fitness class or going for a solo swim. By committing to it and making it non negotiable, exercise can be part of your weekly routine.

Keep your water bottle on hand

Staying hydrated is a great way to avoid overeating and mindless snacking. We often mistake thirst for hunger, so by sipping regularly throughout the day you can help your body’s internal system run more efficiently.

Get your family on board

If you can get your kids and partner on board with your healthy eating plan, it will make it much easier than having to prepare two dinners.
Allow them to help choose the menu for some healthy dinners, and let the kids help prepare it where age appropriate.
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