Lose_baby_weightTo celebrate the fact that we all love our smoothies so much and so we can all share lots of new recipes, we are now going to run a weekly competition for mums to win a $100 voucher just by submitting a photo of them and their smoothie and their smoothie recipe. You can click here to see past winners and click here to see past entries and get smoothie recipe ideas!

How do you enter?

It’s EASY!  All you need to do is send in a picture of you and your smoothie plus the recipe you made to [email protected] and each week someone will win a $100 voucher!
Can’t get much easier than that and we will also gets lots of nice recipes to share with other mums too – so a win win for everyone
And check out our video below to see how easy it is to make a Healthy Mummy Smoothie and click here to see our health & weight loss plans
[pb_vidembed title=”How To Make A Smoothie in Two Mins” caption=”” url=”http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bq_F0p9eRFQ” type=”yt” w=”580″ h=”485″]