Thank you so much to all the amazing mums who are sending their before and after photos in on the Summer Challenge.
They are SO INSPIRING and we always advise taking a before shot as it is so satisfying comparing the photos as you lose weight and tone up and can actually see the results.
And to all the mums who get down about not having a loss one week please read this article which explains what could be happening and you MUST see this story about a mum who only lost 200g but saw a HUGE difference in body fat and size.
Today we are showing Erin Field’s photos (Thank you for letting us Erin x) and WOWSERS what a difference!!


Erin’s Update

Im so thrilled i have lost 2kg this week and 35kg in total on the Lose Baby Weight plans. My little girl came into the world on April 23rd and I started the healthy eating 28 Day Plan as soon as I got home.
I started the healthy mummy smoothies at 5 weeks post birth and loved that they are safe in breastfeeding…I was 122kg – now I am 87kg!
I still havent found my measuring tape to check the cm lost but im so excited to be fitting into some of my older clothes!
I have attached my newest before and after pics. 17kg to go!!!! (you can read Erin’s half way post and story here)
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