Bananas are a fantastic fruit for you to include into your daily diet when losing baby weight or following a healthy eating plan.
Bananas are full of Vitamin A, Potassium and Fibre (which aids in helping your keep fuller for longer).  You can read more about the benefits of bananas here.
Today we have a super easy and very delicious snack or even an after dinner dessert that has been sent in by Motivating Mum Filiz.  You can read her latest update here.


  • 3 small bananas
  • 3 tablespoons 100% natural peanut butter or any nut butter of your choice
  • 1/2 cup of dark chocolate chips (to melt- there will be some melted chocolate left over) – You could opt to make your own chocolate if you don’t have any choc chips on hand. See recipe here.


  • Slice one banana into 6 pieces then repeat with remaining bananas.
  • Add a dab of peanut butter to one piece of banana and “sandwich” together.  Repeat until the entire banana and peanut butter is “sandwiched” together
  • Pop in the freezer a few hours (I did 4), you can do as little as 30mins- you want it to be very firm to make dipping easier.
  • Next melt your chocolate to packet directions and dip your frozen banana in chocolate and place on tray.
  • Pop in fridge for about 30 mins (or until chocolate is set) and enjoy as a treat.
  • These will store well in the fridge/freezer in an airtight container

Makes 9 bites 1 bite per serve
Calories per serve 135
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