Cate Porter share her top tips with Lose Baby Weight as a Motivating Mum for October.

“I knew to make a change I’d have to start slowly and not beat myself up too much, so I ordered the Healthy Mummy Smoothies and started walking everywhere!
Before I knew it I had lost nearly 5 kilos and have now lost 12kg – I feel more energetic and just better about myself in general”

Hi Mummies!
I am thoroughly enjoying being a Motivating Mum this month, and am very pleased that since starting I have lost 2 kilos so am now at my goal weight of 72! Which was my pre baby weight, but now I have a new goal! For me I like to take little steps..
I thought I’d tell you a little bit about how I spend most of my days….
We’re usually up between 6am and 7am. I feed kids, make lunches, etc. And always start my day with a Healthy Mummy Smoothie. I have the same smoothie most of the time which is 2 tablespoons of Healthy Mummy Chocolate Smoothie, 1 small banana, ½ a cup of frozen berries and 250ml almond milk. Sometimes I add a bit of greek yoghurt or oats if I am feeling hungry! If I plan on running I’ll have my smoothie afterwards.
A big tip of mine is to prioritise your day, my walk or exercise comes first!!  I don’t make plans to go anywhere if I haven’t fit in some form of movement! Most days we go for a very fast, long walk or jog, but if my baby is sleeping I will do the Healthy Mummy Post Pregnancy DVD or run on the treadmill.
If I make plans, for example, catching up with a friend, I always suggest we meet somewhere and go for a walk…
I love exercising  in the morning because I can tick it off my to do list and it gives me much more energy for the rest of the day- I can feel a huge difference in my energy levels when I don’t exercise.
A tip of mine would be to cook a bit of extra meat at night when you`re making dinner, then it`s sitting there for you  to whip up a salad for lunch the following day- my favourite salads are the warm beef salad from the Healthy Mummy Spring/Summer Cookbook and the chicken and pear salad from the 28 Day Diet and Exercise Plan.
My boys also love Carbs!! Another tip of mine is to make a big batch of sweet potato mash or normal mash and keep it in the fridge.  Then for example if I make the cheesy chicken meatloaf with vegies, I just eat that and reheat mash for the boys. I also do that if I make the lamb chops with green mint salad, and the steak with avocado and corn salsa.
For snacks I have fruit, yoghurt, eggs, or cheese and crackers . I try and keep my meals very SIMPLE and quick and budget friendly.
We buy most of our meat in bulk, and I freeze it in portions, I also do this whenever I bake, my favourite being the choc chip chickpea cookies which I freeze separately and toast (yes, toast, and they are delicious… the chocolate melts and they are crispy on the outside!). The Guilt Free Chocolate Treats Cookbook is amazing and my boys have enjoyed doing some baking too, it’s nice knowing we can have yummy treats that have some nutritional value in them also.
Next week we are off to Queensland. This is going to be a good test for me as I do like to indulge. I’ve promised myself I can every now and then but will be taking my runners to burn it off! I will be able to tell you about that in my next blog.
Thanks to the Lose Baby Weight team for helping me and thanks to you for taking the time to read this and I hope you are all staying motivated, healthy and happy!
Cate Porter
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