Cate Porter has come on board as a Motivating Mum for October and has lost an amazing 10kgs following the Lose Baby Weight Plans!
Well done Cate!!!
Hi Mummies,
My name is Cate and I’m a Mum to 3 boys, aged 7, nearly 3 and 8 months.
I had Billy in January and it wasn’t until my sister’s wedding in March when I realised how much weight I had put on. Looking at the photos the next day I was completely disgusted at how I looked and decided then and there I was going to change. Not only had I put on weight but I had no energy and just felt low!
I knew to make a change I’d have to start slowly and not beat myself up too much, so I ordered the Healthy Mummy Smoothies and started walking everywhere!
Before I knew it I had lost nearly 5 kilos and was feeling more energetic and just better about myself in general. I was having my Healthy Mummy Smoothie every morning and moving whenever I could. I was doing squats folding the washing, skipping whilst watching the boys play, and lunges when they were watching TV or eating lunch.
For a while there the weight loss stopped, and I started feeling low about working hard and not losing anything. This was when I reminded myself it wasn’t about the numbers or how I looked but changing my lifestyle. I then ordered the 28 Day Diet and Exercise Plan and this motivated and inspired me to keep going. My husband and I found a morning that suited us, so every Saturday morning he watches the boys and I go for a run!! I started “trotting” and now I’m jogging 8k a week on top of walking most days. We have also set up a mini gym, so if I ever get a spare 10 minutes I’ll try and do some weights or skipping or sprinting on the treadmill.
The Healthy Mummy & Lose Baby Weight Private Support Group on Facebook has been a huge support for me, it has taught me that if you do have a bad day, get up the next day and TRY again. It has taught me that even 15 minutes of something is better than nothing.
I wouldn’t start any exercise as I thought “what’s the point, it’ll be interrupted in ten minutes!” But even ten minutes of squats and burpees gave me more energy, even if it was to just get through the rest of the day.
ChallengeI started at 84 kilos, which I find hard even writing and am now between 75-74. My goal was to be 72 kilos, so I’d like to get to that and then have a new goal.
I am quite a self-conscious person so putting this all down on paper is big for me, but we have had a few rough weeks with sick kids and getting hardly any sleep and unfortunately my focus hasn’t been as great as I’d like it to be! Being sleep deprived and not well myself I tend to crave sugary foods and one bad day seems to roll into another!
I am so grateful and excited to be given this opportunity and I hope I can motivate not only you, but myself as well!
I also have to add that I am no one special, I’m just a Mum like everyone else who feels like I deserve to be the best version of myself, so if I can do it, you can!
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