Ashleigh Sobey has lost an increbile 20kgs with Lose Baby Weight and is continuing on as a Motivating Mum for March.ashleighsobey

Hello ladies,
My name is Ashleigh Sobey and I am so excited to be continuing on as one of your Motivating Mums in March.  I’m 27, mum to two boys under two and have lost just over 20kg in 6 months while following Lose Baby Weight Plans and 28 Day Challenges.
I’ve always struggled with my weight and self esteem.  In high school I thought I was fat, and now looking back I wish I wasn’t so hard on myself.  I’ve always been soft spoken and lacking in confidence and with no recovery between pregnancies I stopped exercising and ate whatever I wanted.  I felt overweight and miserable.  It has taken having babies to push me to really put myself first and look after my body.  I want to be here a long time to enjoy them growing up so it is important for me to take care of my health and be the best version of myself I can be.
This is a very special month because, that’s right, it’s a CHALLENGE month! I’m so excited to be starting the March 28 Day Challenge.  I’ve already customised my meal plan and got my shopping list ready.  I’m particularly looking forward to trying some new meals and adding some new favourites to my repertoire.  The challenges are fantastic because I love seeing what other mums are making in the Facebook support group.  This inspires me to make recipes that I may not have given a go if not for the raving reviews.
The other thing I am excited about with this challenge in particular, is the new HIIT based workouts including Pilates.  My balance isn’t the best, so I am looking forward to some challenging exercises that force me out of my comfort zone.  This teamed up with the Healthy Mummy DVD and my regular beach walks, I’m sure to kick this month out of the park.
I will be having Healthy Mummy Smoothies for most of my breakfasts during the challenge because I don’t have a lot of time in the mornings and they are so convenient.  Plus they are delicious.  My favourite recipes are the Banana Oat Buster and the Blueberry Banana Bang.  I love to create my own and experiment with different variations.  In my freezer I always have frozen fresh berries, frozen banana, and frozen seasonal fruits.  I also add oats, chia seeds etc for added calories due to breastfeeding my 8 month old.
Also this month I am going to do something very special.  I am vowing to “ditch the scales”.  I usually weigh in weekly but for this month I will not be weighing in between the start and end of the challenge.  I am only approximately six kilos from my goal weight of 65kg so I don’t expect a big change week to week.  Instead I will take comparision photos and measurements.  This will help keep me on track to smash my goals.
In February I made a genuine effort to try some meals from the challenge hub that I haven’t tried before.  I found a new favourite, the Tuscan Baked Beans.  Along with all the treats I have made from the Guilt Free Chocolate Cookbook, I’ve eaten some delicious new recipes that I will definately be making again.  Great news is that the ebook is now available free to all challenge members.
I love the feeling when my fiance and toddler enjoy the healthy food I am making.  I know I am giving them the freshest and the best food possible.  It’s very special to know I am giving my little one the best start in life with nourishing meals that he actually enjoys.  The whole family is benefiting.  The Double Chocolate Cannellini Cookies from the website don’t even last one day in the fridge.  They absolutely love them!
I’m loving the chance to inspire all of you lovely ladies and being chosen to continue as Motivating Mum this month has given me another burst of confidence.  Thank you so much Rhian & the Lose Baby Weight team for this opportunity.
Just remember we all have bad days, but just pick yourself up and dust yourself off.  Tomorrow is a new day!
Lets do this together! March will be Magnificent!
Ashleigh Sobey
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