I think most of us will agree that once you are a mum you are tired a lot of the time – unless you have a perfectly well behaved baby who sleeps all through the night (I definitely don’t!).
Personally I am exhausted most of the time and granted I do run my own business which means that really takes it out of me but the reason I am tired so much is my little bundle of joy wakes up during the night plus I seem to always go to bed late as I am busy working.
My bub used to wake 5-6 times a night but at 20 months it is once or twice a night so every morning I am pretty tired and every day I fantasise about a lie in…..
This of course is not uncommon and when you add in a couple of extra kids into the equation trying to find the energy to exercise can be hard – and half of the daily emails I get (more than 100 a day) are asking for help on how to exercise when you have no energy.

Speaking from my own experience I can tell you that on the nights when my bub has been sick and up all night or is badly teething there is little chance of me doing much exercise as trying to do anything on a couple of hours sleep is impossible. But I always start the day with one of our smoothies as it gives me lots of energy – and is tasty. And on the ‘normal’ days when I am just tired my plan of attack is to always get my exercise in early so it is done dusted.  And when I say ‘exercise’ I am not talking about a big gym session, I am talking about going for a walk, or doing exercises in my front room.  My top choice of exercises to do at home are:

  • Squats – learn to LOVE these as they burn more fat than any other exercise
  • Mini push ups – great for upper body strength and your core
  • Lunges – great for thighs and bums
  • Waist twists – I do this jumping about (I call them ‘twisties”) and they give me some cardio and work my waist well.
  • Core work – planks, crunches and leg extensions

So if you are feeling too tired to do anything, don’t stress too much about it and try and get some rest when your bub is asleep. Then when you do get some energy try and do what you can do in little bursts and space it out during the day – plus try going for a walk and you may find the fresh air helps perk you up too. For more exercises you can do at home click here
Plus I find eating energy boosting foods is good to perk me up too – you can see our tips here on what to include in your diet – and also check out our 28 Day Diet & Exercise Plan that is full of foods that will boost your energy levels.
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