Being a mum can be exhausting, especially in the early days when new borns don’t sleep well and mothers are still recovering from the pregnancy and birth.
The overwhelming fatigue can be one of the hardest parts of being a mum and really knocks you for six! But the fatigue can be partly combated by eating a healthy, balanced diet as there are certain key foods which can boost energy levels considerably. In addition, if a new mother is suffering from low iron levels, this can add to her tiredness.
Also when a mum decides to lose weight or follow a weight loss plan there is a preconception that she will eat less food that will mean she feels more tired but at this time in her life Lose Baby Weight believes the focus should be on nourishing her body with the right nutrition and the right foods – NOT starving herself – which in turn will give her more energy.

Diet and breastfeeding

Many mothers who are breastfeeding worry that they are not eating well enough to produce good quality milk. In fact, mothers on very restrictive diets such as those in famine areas still produce enough milk to nourish their babies.
Having said that, the mother’s own health and well-being may well suffer as a result of a poor diet, and it is important to eat as well as possible when breastfeeding, as well as drinking plenty of fluids – and if you need to follow a plan please see our 28 Day Breastfeeding Friendly Diet & Exercise Plan which has been created by leading nutrition and exercise specialists.
There is debate about whether breastfeeding mums should avoid certain foods and the general concensus is no as long as there is no history of severe allergy in the family or unless the baby has colic – but click here to see a list of foods that are thought to create the most issues with allergies as well as ones that may help with breast milk supply.
Our Healthy Mummy Smoothies are also safe in breastfeeding and can help to support your milk supply – you can read more about the products and how they are safe in breastfeeding here

Energy Boosting Foods and Meals

New mothers do not have hours to spend cooking and preparing meals, so quick and simple meals are essential and the Lose Baby Weight Healthy Mummy Smoothies and meal plans have been designed around the time poor mum to give them all the nutrients they need for energy.
Complex carbohydrates are foods which release energy slowly rather than in a rush, and starting the day with a smoothie or a bowl of porridge ensures a slow release of energy through to lunchtime. It is best to eat little and often rather than three large meals a day, and grazing on snacks such as cereal bars, dried fruits and low fat cottage cheese with crackers will keep the body energized.
An ideal quick but nutritious lunch (other than one of our smoothies) would be some almonds and mashed banana on a whole meal bagel or toast, and for dinner fish or lean meat and vegetables. Cooking should be kept simple, with stir fries being one of the quickest methods of preparation. Casseroles which can be prepared in a pot and put into the oven to cook are also preferable to intricate dishes with lots of steps and requiring far more time in the kitchen.
Although new mothers may be desperate to shed the pregnancy weight they may have gained, going on a crash diet and restricting food intake drastically is not wise. Eat a sensible, balanced diet with a daily walk and the weight loss will happen – to see some of our easy exercises to do at home click here

Iron Deficiency

Iron deficiency is very common in mothers, with at least 1 in 4 new mothers affected to some degree. Research conducted in South Africa showed that mothers who are anaemic find it harder to bond with their babies and respond to their cues.
Anaemia also contributes to a feeling of tiredness. Although supplements are available, it is better to try to boost levels of iron in the diet. For busy new mums, some of the best sources of iron are fortified breakfast cereals, whole meal bread, dried fruits such as apricots or dates and nuts. All of these items are quick and easy to prepare and can be eaten as snacks. For main meals, red meat such as beef should be eaten, perhaps in a quick to make stir fry.

Magnesium Deficiency

As many as 60% of the population is deficient in magnesium to some extent, and lack of magnesium in the diet can also contribute to fatigue. Adding some magnesium rich foods into the diet can solve the problem of deficiency, and some of these foods include spinach, almonds, brazil nuts, pumpkin seeds, tofu, artichokes, oats and barley. Many of these sorts of foods have other properties such as being slow release carbohydrates or being rich in iron, so are valuable foods to include in a diet.
And to see our Top Ten list of natural giving energy weight loss foods click here
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