Were you really motivated and enthusiastic when starting the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge? You’ve prepared achievable goals, planned your weekly meals, added exercise into your schedule and things are looking great.
After a week or two starting a new healthy lifestyle it can be easy to lose motivation to continue with your goals and all you want to do is go back to your old ways.
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The main thing to remember when you’re lacking in motivation or are sleep deprived is to just try and do something, even if it’s a little thing. Getting up and still going for a short walk or ensuring you eat some healthy meals throughout the day often have a snowball effect and make you want to continue on and do more.
Exercise will give you more energy even when you’re tired and eating well will make you feel great as you know you’re getting closer to your goals.
Here are some other tips if you find your motivation is gone:

  • Remember it takes time to see results. If this is your first 28 Day Challenge or first time you’ve used the Lose Baby Weight plans then it may take a few weeks to see results. Our plans aren’t about quick fixes, they’re about teaching you how to have a healthy lifestyle permanently and once you start on your healthy journey, the weight loss will happen, just be patient and stick with it.
  • If you’re really exhausted then take things slowly for a few days. Choose light exercise over something really strenuous and rely on those pre-prepared, healthy meals that are in your freezer for dinner and lunch so you don’t have to do lots of food prep. But remember to always just do something, as sitting about on the couch feeling sorry for yourself won’t get you motivated or feeling energetic at all.
  • If you fall off the “Challenge wagon” don’t stress about it – that’s the easiest way to lose motivation as you’ll dwell on what you haven’t done when it comes to exercise or the incorrect food choices you may have made, rather than thinking about what you have achieved. Have a slip up, forget about it and then move on – reflect on the good things you’re doing not the bad.
  • Have you made goals – small ones and big ones? If you have then get them out and read through them again. Tick off the ones you’ve already achieved – great work! And look at how much closer you are to getting to the big goals. Every little bit counts so ensure you have plenty of small goals to achieve e.g. “walk for 20 minutes every day” as these will add up to getting you closer to your bigger goals.
  • A motivation board is a great visual way to remember what you’re trying to achieve. Here are some tips on creating one.
  • With the customisable Meal Plans you can really make the Challenge as easy or involved as you like when it comes to meal prep. So on those days when you’ve been up all night with the kids, choose more simple meals to prepare like a salad for dinner with some cooked chicken or lamb. The Healthy Mummy Smoothies are perfect for those really busy or exhausting days – just pop your favourite ingredients in a blender and your nutrient filled smoothie will be done.
  • Remember you are only human and not feeling like a cheerleader every day is completely normal. Take things slowly when you’re having a bad day and your motivation will soon return as you’ll feel great that you haven’t just given up totally.

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