If you’re like many of us, you start of your journey to lose weight full of motivation and excitement.
You’ve joined our singed up to the Healthy Mummy 28 day weight loss challenge, bought all the fresh food, tossed out the junk, strapped on your trainers and are full of positive energy.
Then, around week 3, things start to waiver……… but don’t stress, we’re here to HELP you!  motivations to lose weight
If you’re finding yourself tempted by a muffin at the café or you decide to stay on the couch instead of taking the kids for a walk, and, well, everything just seems to feel a little bit harder.
Don’t worry, this drop in motivation is perfectly normal. After all, it takes a while to break years of bad habits in terms of healthy eating and exercise.
So what can you do to get your mojo back and stay in the right frame of mind?

Try out our 8 ideas to keep you motivated

1. Avoid Smoothie Monotony

No matter how much you love that Banana Oat Smoothie, if you’re having it day in day out, there is no doubt it will get a bit boring. And that’s when you might start craving pancakes and French toast instead of your morning smoothie.  Check out these smoothie recipes for some inspiration.
Keep things interesting by varying your smoothie options. Grab some different fruits and veg such as kiwis, mango, rockmelon, lime, spinach and avocado and check out our smoothie recipes.  We have some awesome tips on how to make your Healthy Mummy smoothies ROCK!  Healthy Mummy smoothie ideas

2. Plan Your Meals To Include Things You Love

You don’t need to be on a strict salad diet in order to lose weight. You can still enjoy the foods you love while you are on our plans.
You could simply use our online search tool on the Healthy Mummy Website to look for your favourite things.  Search ‘pizza’, ‘burgers’, ‘pasta’, or ‘wraps’ and you will find a stack of healthy options which won’t feel like you are on a diet at all.

3. Join Our Communities on Facebook

Find the right group for you full of thousands of lovely supportive mums.

motivation for weight loss

4. Make Exercise More Fun  

If you find it hard to stay motivated to exercise, it might be time to make plans for that too. Sit down and work out a realistic exercise schedule for your week.
Could you go for a swim with a friend early one Saturday morning while the kids are still asleep? Could you squeeze in one or two segments each day from our Exercise DVD while the kids nap or play a game? Could you make a non-negotiable time each week where your partner or neighbour minds the kids while you go to a group fitness class?
By scheduling it in and sticking it on the fridge, you will have less time for excuses and more time for some exercise that will help you get fitter and stronger.
Sometimes it helps to prep ahead for your week of exercise and here are 7  tips to help.

5. Prepare Your Healthy Snacks For The Week

There is nothing like hunger to see you lunging for a cupcake from the bakery. Be prepared by organising your snacks for the whole week and having them ready to roll each day.
Check out some of our delicious and healthy snacks here.

6. Use a Goal Chart With Rewards

Decide on some realistic short term goals, and also set yourself some non-food rewards for when you reach them. Some examples of short term goals could be:

  • ‘I will exercise five times this week’
  • ‘I will make myself a Healthy Mummy Smoothie for breakfast every day this week’
  • ‘I will not order any take away this weekend, I’ll make my own healthy versions’
  • ‘I will try 3 new recipes for family dinners this week’

And some non-food rewards might include getting a pedicure, getting a haircut, buying a new pair of trainers, or treating yourself to a one hour bath complete with candles and bath salts.
We have a GORGEOUS Healthy Mummy Goal Chart which you can download or FREE right HERE.  healthy mummy downloadable goal chart

7. Remove ‘All Or Nothing’ From Your Vocabulary

Changing your life through a healthy eating plan and regular exercise is a work in progress. We all have bad days, but that isn’t a reason to pack it all in.
Accept that you might hit a few hurdles along the way, and see each day as a new opportunity.
And see the most common weight loss issues here and how to overcome them.

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