healthy_eatingAfter having a baby, one of the main things that we women tend to focus on is losing pregnancy weight from the stomach area.
All those months of stretching to make room for baby often leave the tummy a lot softer than it was pre-baby.
There are also hormones at play which can make Operation Lose Tummy Fat quite tough.
So today we have 7 EASY ways that you can give your body a helping hand to lose tummy fat.
And they don’t involve starvation diets, removing food groups, unrealistic exercise schedules or any pills.
Plus for extra help on losing tummy fat see great exercises and tips here too

Eat clean

Following a healthy eating plan such as the 28 Day Plan will help you achieve this. In essence, it’s about eating food as close to nature as possible, and reducing your intake of processed foods.


Try exercises that target the stomach and core, such as the plank – grab your copy of our Exercise DVD for tips on how to perform this exercise. There are loads of ways you can exercise in order to specifically target tummy fat. For more ideas, click here.

Eat foods that reduce bloating

Sometimes bloating is actually the issue at hand. Eating certain foods can help the body to reduce the bloating that can make you feel frumpy.
Incorporate broccoli, parsley, bananas, nuts, berries, peppermint, and apples into your diet as these are all bloat busting foods. You can see extra tips on beating bloating here too

Get your metabolism firing

You can also include foods such as ginger, garlic, cinnamon, chilli turmeric, and cumin in your diet. These foods fire up your metabolism which turns your body into a fat burning machine. See extra tips on boosting your metabolism here

Add protein to your main meals

Protein keeps you fuller for longer, which means you shouldn’t feel like reaching for a sugary snack after your meal as you will be comfortably full.  Think nuts, salmon, lean meats, tofu, eggs, yoghurt, tuna and cheese. See how much protein you need here

Get your heart rate up

Any sort of exercise is going to help with your total calorie expenditure, so get moving!
Chase the kids around the park, walk to the beach, stroll to the shops instead of driving, dance around the lounge room, try a segment or two from our Exercise DVD. There are so many ways to exercise that don’t involve expensive gym memberships.

Reduce sugar and fat, increase fibre and protein

When you eat sugary, fatty foods (think donuts, chocolate biscuits, pastries) you are often left feeling unsatisfied – you want more and more as you just don’t feel full.
By reducing the amount of these kinds of foods that you eat, and choosing high fibre and high protein foods, you will feel more satisfied and will be less likely to overeat.
Try eggs with wholegrain toast, tuna salads, chicken and veggie wraps, fruit and nuts, steak and vegetables.

More help

For extra help on losing tummy fat see great exercises and tips here too
And if you need help on shifting the overhang click here
Be inspired by mums on our plans who have lost their tummy fat hereLinda
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