Hit a rock in your path? Then see our 3 top tips to keep going with the 28 Day Challenge and smash the last week!

We are now in the final week of the 28 Day Challenge and if you have been hit with a bug or unexpected family delays and have missed some of the Challenge exercises or missed a couple of meals on your plan then see our 3 tips to keep going.

3 Tips To Keep Going…..

  • If you have missed some workouts for any reason, don’t give up! Get back into it and you can either combine and do a double up of the exercises and break them up throughout the day or just start on today’s exercises. Don’t focus on what you have missed, focus on what you can do for the rest of the month. Anything is better than nothing!
  • Skipped some meals you had on your meal plan or had a couple of blowouts, you are not a failure and you are still learning, this is normal for starting a healthy lifestyle plan. Start fresh and pre-plan, use today, baby’s/kids nap time, tonight or this weekend to pre-plan ahead. See Motivating Mum Cat Christ’s tips on how to meal plan.
  • Don’t focus on the scales, take measurements or photo’s for a better indicator of weight loss and see why you shouldn’t trust the scales. Focus on your non scale victories like making healthier food choices, drinking more water, being more active or noticing clothes becoming looser.

Remember why you started, you’ve got this and you can do this! Let’s smash out this last week together and get the results we were hoping for!
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