lose_pregnancy_weightThere’s nothing like children to add sunshine, love and laughter to your life.
On the flipside, there are also broken nights of sleep, errands to run, the house to manage, and the feeling that there are just not enough hours in the day.
These factors can make pregnancy weight loss feel more difficult for us mums.
So that’s why we’ve compiled our top weight loss tips for busy, tired, time-poor mums who want to lose pregnancy weight and feel the best they can.
Because being fit and following a healthy eating plan can in fact give you more energy, make you feel less tired, and reduce the stress that could be holding back your pregnancy weight loss results.

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Be accountable for what you put in your mouth

When you’re busy it’s easy to forget to eat and then find yourself ravenously eating whatever you can find. For one week, keep a really specific food diary.
Be totally honest with yourself and write down everything you put in your mouth (yes even that quarter of a piece of toast from your child’s breakfast). It will help you see areas that you can improve on.
For instance you might notice that you always end up grabbing take aways on Thursday nights as you have a lot going on that day.
When you see things like this in your diary, you can then make allowances to perhaps cook up extra food on a Wednesday night and use leftovers for Thursday’s dinner.

Say ‘yes’ to support

When we are busy or stressed it can feel that way because we have taken on too much ourselves. So if you have someone who has offered to give you some support – take it!
Don’t be too proud to say yes to the offer of a few hours of babysitting from your cousin while you do other things; or the offer of a casserole from your neighbour when the kids are all sick; or the offer of a lift for your child off to play group by a friendly mum.
All of these things can free up a little bit of time for you to do some cooking for the week, a bit of exercise, some meal planning, or even just some housework (vacuuming burns calories too!).
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Get tips and inspiration from our Motivating Mum’s weekly posts

In these Motivating Mum posts, you will often find time saving tips from these mums who are reporting on their own weight loss journey.
We are all in this together and there is something quite comforting about reading another mum’s point of view, their struggles and their plans to overcome them.

Use park or beach time as workout time

Instead of sitting by to watch the kids play, make this your time to do some exercise. We’ve got some great tips for a playground workout here.
At the beach, encourage the children to explore rock pools, take a swim, run around, dig a hole – every type of activity can be a great calorie burner (sitting on a towel doesn’t burn many calories unfortunately).

Steal chunks of time

Instead of checking your phone or browsing the internet, use the moments that you do have to do some squats, lunges, sit ups or tricep dips. Every little bit of activity helps to make you fitter and stronger.
Think of those moments like waiting for the microwave to beep, or waiting for the kettle to boil. Squeeze in some activity and it won’t be long before you notice results.

300_250_healthy_mummy_pregnancy_DVDGot 15 minutes?

If you find yourself with 15 minutes of time while the kids are napping or busy with a game, you can also fit in a segment from our Exercise DVD.
Specifically designed for mums, the DVD caters for different fitness levels and is also suitable for use during pregnancy.

Make a family calendar and schedule in time for a big chunk of exercise

Making a time for yourself that you can use to work out is important. It could mean that on Tuesday nights, you arrange your partner or friend to babysit while you go to a yoga class or for a swim at the local pool. Our 28 Day Challenges are great for exercise too as they are all done in under 30 minutes a day and very effective

Don’t expect perfection

While we can give you tip after tip, the truth is we are all human and we all have moments of weakness where we are less than perfect.
If this happens, don’t beat yourself up about it. Instead, realise the triggers that led to it (being too hungry, not getting enough sleep, not planning ahead with meals) and make the positive changes to avoid it happening too often.

Plan plan plan ahead

28_day_challengeA busy mum needs to be an organised mum. That means you do need to spend some time at the beginning of the week (try setting aside 30 minutes on a Sunday night) to plan your meals and snacks for the week.
The 28 Day Challenge is GREAT for this. Meal plans and shopping lists are released each week and menus are customisable so you have the power to plan meals and customise them to your needs – you can join here
You can factor things into your plans such as events, play dates, parties or work and make sure that you will have enough healthy food in the house to last the week (there’s nothing to drive you to dial up for take away like having a bare fridge).
The 28 Day Challenges will provide you with the skills to make the right decisions when it comes to food choices plus support and tips to make food prep, fitting in exercise, staying motivated and reaching your goals really easy.

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