If you are trying to lose weight after pregnancy by following a weight loss plan (like our 28 Day Plan), you probably already know that our smoothies are a great way to start your day.
But did you also know that The Healthy Mummy Smoothies:

  • are safe for breastfeeding mothers
  • contain no weight loss accelerants
  • don’t contain caffeine
  • are gluten free
  • are dairy free
  • are nut free
  • are egg free
  • use non GM ingredients
  • AND they are packed full of essential vitamins and minerals designed to help busy mums get the energy and nutrition they need.

Whether you are just getting into Healthy Mummy Smoothies as part of our Eat Move Lose Challenge, or you’re a seasoned pro with a blender – there’s always something new that you can learn or try.
Today we have 10 ways to make your smoothies easier, faster, healthier or more interesting.
Drink up!

Wash up your blender as soon as you are finished with it

This is so important as there’s nothing like a dirty blender on the bench to turn you off making a smoothie the next day.
First of all, swish around some warm water and tip out the contents. Squirt in a little bit of dishwashing liquid, put the lid back on, and pop it back on to blend for a few seconds to help dislodge any bits. Then just clean the blender with your scrubbing brush before a final rinse off.

Remember that you can buy frozen berries instead of fresh

Berries form the basis of so many of our healthy smoothie recipes. Frozen berries are much more affordable than fresh and mean that you can enjoy them all year round. You can also freeze fresh berries if they are about to go bad, so there’s no wastage.

Keep frozen banana on hand at all times

Wait until your bananas are very ripe (buy extra so that you can do this) and then peel and chop into chunks. Place onto a chopping board (not touching each other) and freeze overnight. Pop the frozen banana into a bag or tub to allow for easy access. Using frozen banana instead of fresh adds a delicious creaminess to your smoothie, as well as making it nice and chilled.

Commit to a new smoothie recipe once per week

We don’t want anyone getting stuck in a smoothie rut, so it’s important to experiment! Check out our new smoothie recipes in the Summer Cookbook, or visit the smoothie pages on our website for inspiration.

Share the love

If you find a smoothie you love, or even better if you make up your own recipe – share it with us! Jump onto our Facebook page or Instagram and share the recipe and a pic with us.

You can go fruit free

We have lots of recipes for fruit free smoothies, so don’t despair if the fruit bowl is bare. Try adding LSA, desiccated coconut, chia seeds, vanilla bean paste, fresh ginger, Weet Bix, cucumber, baby spinach or even some natural peanut butter to flavour your smoothie.

Freeze your yoghurt too

This is a great idea to keep your smoothie cool or to use up yoghurt that is close to it’s best before date. Pop your yoghurt into ice cube trays and freeze, then keep in zip lock bags. Then you can just throw in a cube or two and you’re done (and you’ve saved yourself from having to clean another spoon).

Try switching the milk

Mix things up – don’t stick with the same old milk. Why not try almond milk, chocolate soy milk, rice milk, or coconut milk – the possibilities are endless.

You can go dairy free

The smoothie mix is dairy free, and you don’t need to use milk or yoghurt in your smoothies if you don’t want to – try coconut water, herbal tea, water, avocado, anything goes!

Want to win?

Dream up your own delicious smoothie recipe, send it to us with a photo next to your smoothie tub and you could win. Each week all entrants will go into the draw to win our Smoothie of the Week prize – a $100 Myer voucher! Email us at [email protected] 
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