At The Healthy Mummy, we always try and put the message out about safe and healthy weight loss through everything that we do and that you should only ever even think about losing weight when you feel 100% physically and emotionally ready to do so.

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We also always try and reiterate that there is no one size fits all perfect weight, and healthy is much more important than trying to achieve a number on the scales.
Loving your body and feeling healthy, confident and happy are gifts in life that are truly precious and they are without doubt some of the most important things you can have in life. Your health means you have more chance of living a long and happy life and this is what we all want for our future and for our family.
And yes, losing weight can make us significantly healthier and give you a lot more energy which is a huge positive and a fantastic reason for losing weight. But what we as women and mums must never lose sight of is just because you are a larger version of yourself after you have had a baby, this DOES NOT make you an uglier version or yourself or mean you should be ashamed of your body.
Gaining weight in pregnancy is a necessity and without it you would not have been able to grow and feed your baby and you should LOVE your post baby body just as much as you loved your pre baby body.
Too many mums don’t like to appear in photos with their new babies or family photos because they feel they look ‘fat’ or refuse to be caught on camera carrying the extra weight and while this is a common feeling, instead of feeling like that, PLEASE try and instead embrace the larger you and embrace the fact that the larger you has brought a beautiful baby into the world.

Love Your Body

You are still you, still the same fun you and still the same you inside who you have always been – you are just carrying a bit more weight from having your beautiful and gorgeous baby..
If you shun your family photos and hide from the camera, in years to come when you look back at family photos you may well be sad not to be in them. I know I would be if I had not been in any of my photos from the first few months after the birth of my babies.
There is plenty of time to lose the weight when you feel ready to do so and until then love your rounded tummy and love the extra weight on your hips and bum you have gained over 9 months of pregnancy as without that, your body wouldn’t have been able to bring your gorgeous little bundle of joy into the world and wouldn’t have been able to produce milk to feed them – so LOVE YOUR BODY.
So love your body, whatever size it is and only think about losing weight when you are 100% ready and when you are ready always always always lose the weight in a safe, healthy and sensible way.
The fabulous mums that send in their weight loss results really demonstrate this more than anything as they all look truly amazing and all have different weights, shapes and sizes and we feel so lucky to be able to showcase so many healthy bodies and healthy and positive weight loss stories every day on the website – so THANK YOU to all the mums who send in and share their stories.
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Samara lost 15kgs* on our 28 day weight loss challenge

Weight Loss Results

Samara says:  “I have lost 12kgs on the Healthy Mummy plans and smoothies! The Healthy Mummy has helped me to take control of what I can. I am getting happier and more confident with each passing day! I’m not at my goal weight yet – my body has hit the pause button – but I will not give up.  My advice – start TODAY! Don’t wait for next week or Monday, start your journey today. You will thank yourself in a week, a month, a year!
You won’t regret it!
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 Tania lost 24kgs* on our 28 day weight loss challenge
Weight loss results
 Tania says: “87kgs to 63kg in these pics. The before pic was after I had my daughter in March 2013, I got down from 96kg to 80kg after having her, and then tried for baby #2. in July 2014 I had my twin boys, and settled at 86kg after their birth. Now sitting at 63kg and aiming for 58kg and a whole lot more muscle.” 
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Maree’s results after just 28 days on our weight loss challenge. Weight loss resultsMaree says: “My results from the May Challenge. Threw my scales out the beginning of May but guessing I’ve dropped a couple kilo’s.. Feeling great, bring on June.”You won’t regret it!Join the challenge here
Lauren lost 50kgs* on our 28 day weight loss challenges. Weight loss 50 kgs
Lauren says: “I lost 50kgs in 11 months doing the 28 day challenges. Good food is so important for every stage of life! 🎉
This program is incredible for support and for amazing tools to help you succeed and maintain!
It’s definitely a step worth taking to start a life changing journey” 
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