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5 of the best celeb baby showers

August 30, 2016      

4 Amazing Celeb Baby Showers

There’s nothing quite like the ‘before baby arrives’ party. Not only do you get to completely spoil your tiny belly dweller while still in-utero, you also get to enjoy the festivities without needing to duck out to soothe a crying …

How to communicate with teens

August 25, 2016      

How To Effectively Communicate With Your Teen And Stay Cool

You almost need a master’s degree to communicate effectively with teenagers and a doctorate to do it coolly and calmly. It’s getting even harder now that social media has revolutionised the way teens talk to each other. 

jamie oliver new baby name revealed 1

August 23, 2016      

Baby Oliver has a name! And it was worth the wait!

Have you been lightly stalking Jaime and Jools Oliver’s social media in the hopes of catching the first glimpse of what Baby Oliver’s name will be? Yeah neither have I.. #cuecrickets  

9 Signs You're A Parent Of Two or More Kids

August 23, 2016      

9 Signs You’re A Parent Of Two or More Kids

I envy those mums who neatly navigate their way through parenting; I’m more one of those parents who hurtles through motherhood on a second-hand rocket ship trying not to crash land along the way. While I’d like to blame it …

Melissa Jean photos 1

August 21, 2016      

Photographer Melissa Jean, Captures The Moments That Change Women Forever – Becoming A Mother

Melissa Jean, a pregnancy, birth and baby photographer, has dedicated her life to capturing those moments that change our world forever…becoming a mother.    

Don't look away warns digital parenting expert

August 19, 2016      

Don’t Look Away, Warns Digital Parenting Expert

Like thousands of parents across Australia I felt sweet relief when I discovered my child’s school was not one of the 70 targeted by an active pornography ring targeting Australian school girls. My heart was heavy for those parents who were …

Pros and cons of children sharing a room

August 18, 2016      

Pros And Cons of Children Sharing A Room

Whether you choose to make your children share a bedroom or are forced to by lack of space or other circumstances, it’s at times both a blessing and a curse. As one of three children I was fortunate that I …

Does my child need a GP or a Paediatrician?

August 15, 2016      

Does my child need a GP or a Pediatrician?

If your baby or child has always been relatively healthy then you might not be aware of the differences between a GP and a pediatrician. However, if there ever comes a time that you have to seek medical advice or …

How much milk should children be getting

August 14, 2016      

How Much Milk Should Kids Be Drinking?

Milk is such an important component of a baby’s diet. But it is also so much more than that. A comforter, part of their routine, gets them to sleep. And we all love a sleeping baby! But when is milk …

Why to avoid telling your child to 'stop crying'

August 13, 2016      

How ‘Crying’ Can Help Your Child’s Emotional Development

Crying is a part of life, we can’t pretend it isn’t. This is especially true if you’re a mother because kids invariably cry, a lot, and often at the most unlikely of things at the worst of times. Additionally, much …

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