The Sun SalutationSticking to a weight loss exercise routine is probably one of the last thing on the minds of many new mums.  Finding time to exercise is always a challenge especially when taking into account what to do with your little angel while you work out. At Lose Baby Weight, we know and understand your dilemma.   We connect you to weight loss exercise groups for new moms around Australia.
So how do you make time away from your baby to lose weight quickly?  It’s simple.  You simply don’t.  You may be surprised to learn that there are wealth of exercise routines that you can do, while you are with your baby.  Depending on their mood, you can play, or dance to their favourite tune.  You can even dance to entertain them and connect with them.  You can also sneak in this amazing exercise we are about to show you.
This amazing routine is a combination of simple yoga movements which is traditionally called “Surya Namaskar” also known as the sun salutation, a series of 12 postures performed in a single, graceful flow as each movement being coordinated with your breath. What’s fascinating about this routine is that it only involves 12 movements, but you hit as many muscle groups (including your internal organs) as it delivers an intense cardiovascular workout.  This routine is best performed consecutively and repeatedly, while watching TV while your baby is taking a nap, or sneaked in while your little angel is immersed in his/her favourite TV show or cartoon.  Simple and easy as it is, if done repeatedly becomes a powerful workout.  After performing 10 consecutively, no matter how fresh you are, you will be breathing heavily. After performing 50 consecutively, you would have burned calories equivalent to a 30 min run.  So here are the steps to performing this routine:

The Sun Salutation

1: Stand on your yoga mats, if you don’t have one, stand on the floor, the carpet, or a towel and start with the mountain pose. Stand up straight, bring your palms together in prayer position, then exhale slowly bringing all the air out of your lungs.
2: As you inhale, raise your arms overhead, keeping your palms together. Stretch your arms as high as you can. Just like how you do your stretching when you have just woken up.
3: Exhale and then bend forward until your hands touch your feet.
4: As you inhale, place both palms on the floor as if you are doing a push up. Step the one leg back, arch back and lift your chin.
5: While exhaling, slowly step the left leg back into plank position. Always remember to keep your spine and legs in a straight line and support your weight on hands and feet.
6: Retaining the breath, lower your knees, your chest and then your forehead, keeping your hips up and toes curled under.
7: Inhaling, stretch forward and bend back. Keep your arms straight. Stretching like a cat.
8: Exhaling, curl your toes under, press down into your heels, and lift your hips.
9: While inhaling, bring your right leg forward, with the top of the foot stretched out flat on the floor, and lift your chin.
10: Exhale and then bend forward until your hands touch your feet.
11: Inhale then stretch your arms forward and over your head. Slowly bend backward from the waist.
12: Exhaling, gently come back to standing plainly just like in step 1.
Remember that the secret is in fluidity and longevity.  You can take your time and go as slow as you want, as long as you do the exercises consecutively.  Performing this amazing weight loss exercise is probably the best way to lose weight and stay healthy as it not only tones your muscles, but helps you breathe properly as well.  And don’t forget to congratulate yourself after the routine as little do you know that you are also showing your little one a great example of how to live a healthy lifestyle by simply setting an example.  Find exciting ways and means to lose weight quickly at Lose Baby Weight.