If you have just found the Lose Baby Weight and Healthy Mummy website and products and are not sure where to start or the best place to look for information – this is a good place to start

And here we have outlined why our plans are so different to other weight loss plans (plus our plans work with mums having lost over 1 Million kgs on our plans)

  • There are no lock in contracts or minimum time frames that you need to use our products or join for
  • The plans are creates JUST for BUSY MUMS. So no matter what you are looking for be assured that what we have created is designed for and by busy mums who understand what life is like (and what time is available!) so weight loss is achievable and realistic
  • We have lots of different options to suit different budgets and lifestyles. We have healthy meal replacement smoothies, full meal plans,  recipe books, exercise DVD’s and fully supportive online challenges – see how the plans work here
  • We offer an enormous amount of motivation and inspiration on a daily base to ensure you succeed. You can join our private group here

28 day mums

Help to get started


1) What do we offer?

We offer a whole range of products and plans and it really depends on what works best for you and your lifestyle.

In summary we have our best selling Healthy Mummy Smoothies (see more on below), our 28 Day Diet & Exercise Plan Book, our 28 Day Weight Loss Online Challenges (see below), our Exercise DVD, our various recipe books and our calorie bible. You can choose to use just the smoothies. Or just the meal plans or combine the both. You can see the shop here

You can also fill out our FIND A PLAN page here for extra help 


jFzNB922) Are the Healthy Mummy Smoothies different to other shakes?

Yes they are. They are free of weight loss accelerants. Are a natural and whole food product which are non processed and non refined.

They contain no caffeine, no fillers, no artificial sweetener, no fructose, are 96% sugar free and are high in fibre and protein and safe for use in breastfeeding because of this – you can read more about them here 

3) What is the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge?

It is an online Challenge that runs every other month in September, November, January, March, May and July.

It is a full and comprehensive 28 day meal plan and exercise plan with full and daily support. You complete the challenge with 1,000′s of other mums all doing it at the same time and each challenge has brand new recipes and exercises to follow. All information is here 

4) How Many Calories Do I need?

This is a very common question and it can confuse people. Read all you need to know about calories here 

Tasheena5) Can I see results from other mums?

. Read about women who have overcome their struggles and lost – click here to see stories 

6) Need help to set yourself mini goals and challenges?

See our advice here on how to set goals 

7) Want to lose tummy fat?

 Then see all you need to know here 

8) Have you had a C-Section?

See advice on exercise here 

9) Can I use in Breastfeeding?

Yes you can – you can see all breastfeeding information here 

10) Need to contact us?

Contact us here

And you can see the full range of products in our shop here


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