the sandwich is bad for weight lossAs we mentioned recently in our blog breakfast foods for weight loss many cultures don’t distinguish between morning and evening foods. And even more contrasting, most cultures don’t rely on bread and sandwiches for lunch. Since these other cultures aren’t suffering from an obesity epidemic, I think we can all read between the lines and see there must be something wrong with what we are eating.
And that brings us back to the good old fashioned sandwich.
Most people think lunch should be two pieces of bread and a filling. Often the bread is processed white wheat (and as we should all know white bread is a simple carb full of empty calories). Most people think they are being healthy if they hold the mayo even though the filling is still fatty meats and cheeses.
Our bodies need carbohydrates, but we need to choose the RIGHT kind. A typical white bread sandwich just doesn’t do it. So we should all focus on a healthy eating plan that is good for our health and our weight loss goals – and if you do want to have a sandwich use wholegrain breads and load them up with healthy ingredients and lean proteins.
At lunchtime, many other cultures eat what we traditionally consider “breakfast food” (eggs, whole-grain cereal, yogurt and fruit) or “dinner food” (fish, brown rice with veggies, soup, yesterday’s leftovers). If we follow their example we would get a great mix of proteins, good fats and complex carbs. This sort of lunchtime food would power our bodies and keep our metabolism nicely revved. A great foundation to reach our ideal weight.
If you don’t have a microwave available to heat up a meal just pack a salad topped with canned salmon, chickpeas, tuna, or sliced turkey breast. You could roll fresh (or even leftover) veggies with low-fat cheese in a whole-grain tortilla. And it’s easy to munch on fruit and nuts.
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