I read somewhere on the internet a few weeks ago that Kate Moss said married women shouldn’t dress like ‘a wife’ and should presumably dress like the little superstar that Kate is.
This article then started a collection of Facebook posts from my friends vowing to throw away their trackies and dress better for their husbands/partners.
I presume her point was that women can have a tendency to ‘let themselves go’ after marriage and stop making an effort which then leads to the husband getting bored etc.  And although this may be true in some cases I think for any mum with kids under 5 your daily priority is just getting through the day and a) looking after your little ones b) staying sane and c) trying at some point to have a shower and eat food. So this comment just highlighted to me the divide between rich and poor or celebrity/non celebrity.
And I say rich and poor as if you are wealthy you can afford nannies or help at home to make you feel more human and give you the time to take care of yourself but if you are like most mums (and me) you are struggling to get by on one income and don’t have hired help (and I don’t even have much family help) and I would love to be able to do myself up every day so that when hubby came up I looked ravishing but unfortunately I have neither the time, energy no inclination – and yes some days I wear my track suit!
Luckily I have a husband who understands how tough it is being home with two kids under 5 and is very active in our household and fully appreciates the sense of exhaustion I feel every day!
Only last night, we were having dinner (and I may add here that neither of our children eat at the table and refuse point blank to! So the only way they eat is by sitting on their own mini table) and both of us were very tired and in the usually 5 minutes our kids ‘allow’ us to eat dinner we were both wolfing down our dinner like pigs in a trough in the hope of getting enough food in before our little treasures pulled us away to read a book or play a game.
The funny thing was that we both looked at eachother at the same time as the ‘pig eating in a trough display’ and both burst out laughing. And who said romance was dead after marriage and kids?? Whatever would Kate say…..
This article was written by Ameila Landsdown
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