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18 things to pack in your nappy bag


Once you’ve got your little bundle of joy home and you’ve (kind of) got the hang of the whole feeding/sleeping scene, you might decide it’s time to venture out of the house.
It can feel a little scary at first, and most likely you will be walking very slowly that first time out, going the long way around to avoid having to bump the pram down any gutters.
But before you step outside the comforts of home, it’s important to pack a nappy bag with everything that you and bub might need while you’re out.

18 essentials that every mum needs in their nappy bag

1. Nappies

The number will depend on how long you plan to go out for – but always take more than you need.

2. Wipes

Either a whole pack, or you can decant them into a smaller hard case to save on space.

3. Nappy bags

Take a pack of these, they’re not only essential for wet or dirty nappies but also handy to pop any dirty clothes or burp cloths in to take home to wash.

4. Change mat

Many nappy bags come with a small mat which is perfect for changes on the grass or in public baby changeroom areas.

5. Nappy rash cream

You can buy smaller packs of this which are just the right size for your bag.

6. Dummies (if using)

Take two in case one gets dropped on the floor.  18 essentials that you need to pack in your nappy bag before leaving the house

7. Burp cloth

To catch any dripping milk or vomit – it’s a good idea to take 2 in case one gets wet; and you can always use it as a light blanket if needed.

8. Spare outfit for baby

No doubt you will soon experience ‘a number three’ which is when your baby manages to poo so much that it gets all over their onesie. If you have a spewy bub consider taking two outfits.

9. Baby socks

Kids always seem to lose their sock so it’s a good idea to have a backup pair on hand.

10. Baby hat

You might head out on a cloudy day but then get caught in a sunny spot where you’ll need a sunhat. Naturally if it’s cold this could be a beanie.

11. Baby bib

For dribbly bubs or those likely to vomit, having a spare bib to hand is essential.

12. Bottles and formula for baby (if using) 

Always take one extra than you think you’ll need – there’s nothing worse than getting caught short. You can get little plastic tubs from the chemist that hold one to three serves of formula.

13. Water for you  18 essentials that you need to pack in your nappy bag before leaving the house

Feeding and caring for a baby is thirsty work, so always pack your water bottle and keep sipping regularly.

14. Breast pads

Just in case you leak through the ones you have on.

15. Sanitary pads

Those early weeks can see you bleed quite a lot, so it’s a good idea to keep spares to hand.

16. An extra top for you

Great for when baby has a little spew on your shoulder, or you leak through your breast pads.

17. Snack for you

Breastfeeding makes you hungry so be sure to pack a little snack for yourself. Here are some of our favourites, or a Healthy Mummy smoothie.

18. Money

You might need to pop to the shop for milk or nappies, or to treat yourself to a much-needed coffee.
Healthy Mummy Tip: get into the habit of re-packing your nappy bag when you get home. This way it’s ready to go next time you want to head out, and you won’t find day-old wet clothes inside that need to be washed.
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