When you are trying to lose weight, lose stomach fat or are just trying to follow a healthy eating plan it can be really hard if you go stay with friends who are not trying to lose weight or are following a healthy eating plan.  It seems to be a common theme with friends or family that if they are not trying to lose weight but you are they will say “you don’t need to diet’ or ‘you look great as you are’.
Obviously easy for them to say but not so great if you know you have weight to lose and want to lose baby weight and very frustrating to hear all of the time!
Research shows that the it is a psychological issue with friends and family and weight loss – that being that if you are on a healthy eating diet or losing weight it makes them feel bad or guilty for not doing so as well so they will do/say anything to get you not to follow it so they can relax and carry on with their normal eating habits.
So how do you cope with this if you are trying to lose weight and are following the Lose Baby Weight plans and are staying at friends/family for a long weekend?

Our top tips for weight loss when you are away
  1. Find out if they have a blender – great so you can still have at least one smoothie a day – and offer to make them one too so they can see how yummy they are!
  2. Tell them before you get there that you are on a serious weight loss campaign and that you need their support
  3. Tell them that you need to lose weight for your health and would really appreciate it if they didn’t tease you about the diet
  4. Offer to cook one night so that you can control the fat and calories going into the meal and so that you can make it a nice big healthy meal from one of our recipes
  5. Bring lots of healthy snacks with you to snack on so you are not tempted by any junk food they have to eat
  6. Bring your trainers so you can go for lots of walks
  7. Don’t be afraid to say ‘no thanks’ to high calorie snacks or food – and just explain you are doing really well and don’t want to break your diet
  8. Do not have any alcohol. This is high in calories and makes you more inclined to eat other bad foods. Instead say you are having a week off the booze
  9. Lastly – don’t stress – aim to be good 80% of the time and don’t worry about the odd slip up or treat

Good luck and have a great time!