To provide extra weight loss support to mums all over the Country we are going to do a live video Q&A session each week so that you can ask any questions you need to help you stay on track and get direct answers from Lose Baby Weight.
Our first video chat was this morning so a BIG THANK YOU to all the mums who logged on and joined us.  Unfortunately we had some technical issues and we weren’t able to save a copy of the video chat to post up so if you missed it but we have summarised  the main questions asked below which I hope will be of use on your weight loss plans and please join us next Wednesday at 11.30am EST for our next session

Question – How Do I Resist Temptation?

My number one piece of advice is here is don’t have the temptation in the house as guaranteed you will eat it in moments of weakness. Instead have healthy snacks and food to nibble on and we all love chocolate so rather than banishing it buy the dark chocolate instead which is more bitter and is harder to pig out on it – but still gives you the chocolate hit. And see our article here on beating hunger pangs

What Portion Size Should I Have?

Make sure your plate is split into half the plate of veggies, 1/4 of lean protein and 1/4 of wholegrains. If you do this you get maximim nutrients and fibre that will fill you up and help the weight loss

Which Cuts of Meat Are Best?

Always go for lean cuts of meat. With white meats opt for breast and stay away from the darker meat on the legs or thighs which have more fat in and for red meats look for meat that is not dappled with white fat or marbled fat and always go for lean red meats as they are much higher in saturated fat than white meats

How To Beat Cravings For Caffeine (cola) and chocolate/ sugar.

Caffeine is a stimulant and highly addictive. You need to ween yourself off it gradually to prevent the massive withdrawal symptoms. If you are currently having 4-5 caffeine drinks a day over a week bring it down to 3-4 then the next week 2-3 and so so until you cut it out all together. Re sugar cravings – we have an article here on how to beat sugar cravings

How To Stop Eating After Work?

It is usually just a habit thing when we sit on the sofa at night and want to eat everything and anything and like anything we need to break that habit.  If you have eaten a good dinner then you are not really hungry but maybe just want something little to have a snack on. My top tips are frozen grapes – they taste like sorbet and I love them and a couple of squares of dark chocolate – plus a nice cup of green tea. And see an article here on emotional eating
And if anyone needs some Extra Motivation for 2012 and some extra help watch our video below and get your free pedometer with any of our plans to take our 10,000 step challenge
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