While every mum can swear that it is not easy to lose weight quickly after pregnancy, mums who have had a C-section find it all the more difficult. Given the many do’s and don’ts chalked out for mums who have undergone a C-section, it is indeed not easy for them to lose weight quickly.

Most doctors usually advise women who have had a C-section to consider weight loss programs only after 8 to 12 weeks after the birth of your little baby – and for some mums it can be more like 6 months – each case is different and you should never put pressure on yourself or do anything before you are physically and emotionally ready.
This is essential as your body should be fully recovered before you begin any form of exercise or diet, so that your body is able to cope and respond to the new routine and it is not good to put extra emotional pressure on yourself at this time.
First and foremost mums should not get discouraged if it takes a little longer to get back their pre pregnancy shape and only think about doing any weight loss program when they feel physically and emotionally ready – which could be more than 12 months after the birth.
Instead mums who have undergone a C-section must remind themselves that their dream to lose weight quickly and achieve their pre pregnancy weight can be a reality – if done in the right way and over a sensible time frame.
The weight loss programs for mums after a C-section should comprise of light aerobic exercises and a healthy nutritious diet. However, mums should allow the scar of the surgery to heal completely and get the approval of their doctors before starting any weight loss programs. The Lose Baby Weight plans are a sensible place to look to for help and we also have our 28 Day Breastfeeding Friendly Diet & Exercise Plan that is also great for mums to follow.
There are a number of healthy weight loss recipes on our site too that help women lose weight quickly after a C-section. The many weight loss recipes include some delicious foods like fish, chicken and other foods that make losing weight a fun experience for the palette – plus they are family friendly and we even have a husband friendly selection of recipes!
Our weight loss recipes are also designed in such a way as to support your metabolism rate and at the same time ensure you regain your strength and health after the C-section.
The ideal weight loss program to lose pregnancy weight after a C-section comprises of an exercise routine that includes activities like walking or very light jogging, swimming, cycling, etc. It is important to not overdo any exercise and it is advisable to have a physio therapist or post baby fitness expert guide you in selecting an exercise routine that best suits your body post operation and birth.
Once you feel ready you can slowly increase the number of hours and even types of exercise once one builds the core strength and muscles. A well executed training regime for your midsection is a must in your weight loss program as it will help restore muscle strength and help firm the tummy area and we have tips on what to do here.
Doing isometric type exercises are known to help drastically in tightening the abs after childbirth. However, when opting for any weight loss program that includes exercise, it is important to take it slowly and always be on alert for any signs that you are overexerting yourself or straining your abdominal muscles.
With these simple precautions and tips, you will be able to achieve that pre pregnancy body after a C-section, but please always consult your Doctor before doing any exercise post pregnany and post C-section and make sure you are fully healed before doing any type of exercise.

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  1. 15 Minute Low Impact cardio workout – The Low Impact Cardio routine will improve your fitness and energy levels, as well as burning calories, while avoiding stress on your body – in particular, your vulnerable pelvic floor. This workout will put you on the path to being a fitter, leaner and more energetic version of you.
  2. 15 Minute toning cardio workout – By combining a low impact cardio conditioning routine with light resistance training, this energetic workout will make your heart and lungs stronger while burning calories and toning your arms, legs and butt. This is a great addition to the low impact routine, or as a stand-alone cardio option with the added bonus of arm and leg toning.
  3. 10 Minute upper Body workout – Conditioning your upper body will not only have you feeling and looking stronger, it will provide postural strengthening to combat stress on your upper back. You will also benefit from increased muscle stamina and definition, allowing you to keep up with your little ones.
  4. 10 Minute Lower Body workout – Hone in on your butt and legs with this lower body strengthening workout. It will have you looking and feeling strong, toned and energised.
  5. 10 Minute Abs, Back & core workout – The abdominal, back and core muscles are at the centre of a healthy body. With these safe and effective exercises, you will improve your posture, help alleviate back pain and strengthen your pelvic floor while you regain your waist and condition your abs and back.
  6. 10 Minute Stretch & Relax- Lengthen your muscles and relax your mind and body as you calmly and quietly stretch your body, top to toe.

PLUS…See our special section covering all you need to know on special considerations post-birth, such as caesarean sections, back strains, muscle separation, incontinence and pelvic floor issues.
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