Having a new baby? Congratulations! The first decision of many, many decisions you’ll have to make as a parent is what to call your baby and as they will be stuck with their name for their entire life, you need to make sure you choose well!
Below we have listed 20 unusual baby girls names and their meanings, to give you some inspiration as to what to call your new bundle of joy. To see our 20 ideas for boys names click here and if you want to see the top 100 names for 2011 we have them here.

20 Unusual Girls Names
  1. Ada. This means prosperous, joyful and happy
  2. Carina. Carina is another Italian name that will work well with most surnames. The name comes from the feminine form of the Italian “cara”, meaning “dear, beloved”.
  3. Savannah. Savannah is a pretty name with Native American origins – it comes from the word “zabana”, which means “open plain”.
  4. Neveah. Neveah is a very unusual name fast gaining popularity. It is the word “heaven” spelt backwards, pronounced “ne-VAY-uh”. If you don’t like the spelling, try Neveya or Navaya.
  5. Niamh. Niamh is an Irish name pronounced “neev” with no anglicised versions of the name. In Irish, it means “bright”.
  6. Abrianna. Abrianna is a pretty and feminine Irish name with Gaelic origins. The Gaelic translation of Abrianna is “noble” or “virtuous”.
  7. Caci. Caci is a girly name. Whilst the pronunciation, “kay-cee”, is not unusual, this spelling most certainly is. In Gaelic the meaning of “caci” is “brave”.
  8. Annabella. Annabella is a lyrical name and, which some parents might find appealing, can be shortened in any number of ways. In Gaelic, it means “joy”.
  9. Ophelia. Ophelia is an unusual name for a girl that comes from the Greek word “ophelos”, which means “help”.
  10. Thalia. Thalia is a sweet name that is pretty but still very unusual. It has Greek origins and literally translated means “blossoming”.
  11. Marina. The name “Marina” has Greek origins, and it literally means “from the sea”. Great for people who come from locations close to the sea.
  12. Kami. Kami is a short and unusual name for a little girl, with Japanese origins. It can mean a lot of different things depending on the Japanese spelling, including “paper”, “Lord” and “hair”.
  13. Maiya. The pronunciation of this name, “may-ya” is fairly common, but this spelling is not. Maiya is a traditional Japanese surname meaning “rice valley”.
  14. Adara. This is a lovely Welsh name that means “catches birds”.
  15. Raine. Raine is an unusual name for a little girl that is strong and powerful. It is a variant of the French word “raina”, which means “queen”.
  16. Noelle. Noelle is a French name that comes from the French word for Christmas, referring to the celebration of Christ’s birth and the Christmas festival. Great for Christmas babies.
  17. Tallulah. Tallulah is an unusual name that can be shortened in numerous ways. It has Native American origins and means “running water”.
  18. Cheyanne. Cheyanne is a traditional Native American name that comes from an Algonquian tribe of the Great Plains. It is also the capital of Wyoming, America.
  19. Anja. Anja, pronounced “an-ya” is a lovely girl’s name. It’s the Dutch version of the name “Anna”.
  20. Elva. Elva is a short and sweet name for a small and sweet baby girl – it’s from the Old Norse word “alfr” which means “elf”.

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