Boys NamesChoosing a  baby name can be hard work and we have already listed the top 100 names here and the top alternative baby names here – but now we are bringing you more ideas as this is one of the most popular topics and we want to help to give you as many new ideas as possible!
So below you will see twenty unusual baby boys names and their meaning and later on in the week we will do the same for girls names – hope you find it useful.

20 Unusual Boys Names
  1. Lucca. Lucca is an Italian name, (the Italian spelling is Luca), which means “light”.
  2. Landon. Landon is an unusual name that sounds strong and confident. It has origins to an old English word, and means “from the long hill”.
  3. Riley. Riley is an English name, coming from the English word “rye”.
  4. Logan. Logan is a strong and unique name that has Gaelic origins. It means “from the hollow”.
  5. Caelan. Caelan is a classic Irish name but it is still pretty unusual in other parts of the world. It has Gaelic origins and is a contemporary spelling of the word “cailean”, meaning “child”.
  6. Kade. Kade is a name that has Gaelic origins, literally meaning “from the wetlands”. The perfect name for if you come from a wet part of the country!
  7. Daegan. Daegan is a Gaelic name that literally means “black-haired”. Perfect for any little boy with a mop of black hair, or for any little boy!
  8. Quade. Quade is an unusual name for a baby boy that has been updated from the Scottish clan name McQuade.
  9. Adair. Adair is a simple name that could be used as a forename or middle name. It has Gaelic origins and means “from the oak tree ford”.
  10. Zephyr. Zephyr is probably one of the most interesting names on our list, being a male name that starts with a “Z”. It means “wind” in Greek.
  11. Karsten. Karsten is an unusual boy’s name that has Greek origins and a lovely meaning – it literally means “one who is blessed”.
  12. Kenji. Kenji is a Japanese name that literally means “intelligent second son; strong and vigorous”.
  13. Rhys. Rhys is a short and sweet name for a little boy with Welsh origins. In Welsh, “Rhys” means “ardour” or “rashness”.
  14. Aubrey. Aubrey is an unusual name for a boy (although it can be a little girl’s name too) that has French origins meaning “blonde ruler” or “elf ruler”.
  15. Chaska. Chaska is a highly unique name that has Native American origins. It means “name given to the first born son”.
  16. Jacy. Jacy is a lovely boy’s name – a little like Jace, a little like Chase, it has Native American origins and literally means “moon”.
  17. Shilah. A lovely, lyrical boy’s name, Shilah means “brother” in Native American.
  18. Ryker. Ryker is a strong name for a little boy with a strong meaning. It has Dutch origins and means “strength”.
  19. Kaj. Kaj is a traditional Dutch name for a little boy, meaning “Earth”.
  20. Emil. Emil is a fantastically unusual boy’s name, sounding a little bit European and Native American all at the same time. It has roots in Latin and means “rival”.

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