Earlier in the week we brought you the top twenty French boys names and now we are bringing you the girls names version – as promised.
French names are usually traditional but still a little bit unusual, making them a great choice for any parent. It can be tough to work out which name best suits your baby girl, and so to help you, we’ve compiled a list of the top 20 French names for baby girls and their meanings, so you can choose the name that perfectly fits your little one.

  1.  Emma – Whilst Emma is a popular name throughout the world, it has been the most popular girl’s name in France for a number of years. It means “all-containing” or “universal”.
  2.  Lola – Lola is a short and sweet name, but it doesn’t really have a sweet meaning – it means “sorrows” in Spanish. However, in Sanskrit it means “moving to and fro” – maybe a good name for a fidgety baby!
  3. Inès – Inès is the French variant of the Greek name Agnes, and the Spanish name Inez. It means “pure, holy; chaste”.
  4. Manon – Manon, pronounced “mah-non” is the French form of the name Mary, but it also means “bitter”.
  5. Camille – Camille is a unisex name in France, although it tends to be used in a feminine way in other English speaking companies. It has Latin origins and means “altar server”.
  6. LéaLéa is the French variant of the Hebrew name Leah, meaning “delicate”, “weary”, “meadow” or “pasture”.
  7. Clara – Clara comes from the name Claire, which has many meanings, including “clear”, “bright” and ”famous”.
  8. Jade – Jade is a super popular girl’s name, and it’s also a precious green stone.
  9. Anaïs – Anaïs has French origins, and it’s thought that it could be a combination of Ana and Isabel. It means “gracious” or “merciful”.
  10. Océane – Océane is the French variant of the Greek name Oceane, literally meaning “ocean”. Great for families who live near the sea!
  11. Lilou – Lilou is a super pretty French name, meaning “lilies”.
  12. Romane – Romane is simply a variant of Romaine, meaning citizen of Rome. It could also come from “Romany”, the term for some gypsies.
  13. Clémence – Clémence is the French variant of Clemence, meaning “mercy”. It has Latin and Medieval French origins.
  14. Célia – Célia is name of Latin origins, meaning “heaven” or “blind”.
  15. Mathilde – Mathilde, pronounced “Mat-tild” is the French variant of “Matilda”, which is a German name meaning “mighty in battle”.
  16. Maëlys – Maëlys is a French feminine name of Breton origins, and it’s the feminine form of the French name Maël, meaning “chief” or “prince”.
  17.  Marie – Marie is a version of the name Mary, meaning “bitter”.
  18.  Juliette – Juliette is a pretty and feminine girl’s name, but it doesn’t really have a feminine meaning – it means “down-bearded youth”.
  19.  Ambre – Ambre, pronounced “amb-reh” is a variant of the girl’s name “Amber”, which is also a semi-precious gem.
  20. Lena – Lena is a short and sweet girl’s name with a lovely meaning – it has Greek origins, and it means “the bright one”.

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