French_Baby_Boy_namesNeed some baby boy names inspiration? Then we have some ideas from France! There are tons of innovative and unique French names for boys.
But how do you choose a name for your baby? You need to make sure you pick the right name – so to help you along, we’ve compiled a list of the top 20 French names for baby boys, along with their meanings, so you can easily pick the best name to suit your little man.
1.     Enzo – The origins of Enzo are uncertain, but it’s thought that it could come from the Italian version of “Henry”. It could also be a shortened version of some Italian names such as “Lorenzo” and “Vincenzo”.
2.     Mathis – Mathis is a form of the name “Matthew”, which has biblical origins. It also means “gift of God”.
3.     Thomas – Thomas has Aramaic origins and it means “twin”. It also has biblical origins, and has long been a hugely popular name – making it suitable for non-religious and religious parents.
4.     Théo – Théo is short for Theodore, and it has origins in French, Greek and English. It means “gift of God”.
5.     Louis – Louis has French and Old German origins and it means “famous warrior”. It could also come from the Latin name “Clovis”.
6.     Raphaël – Raphaël has Hebrew origins and it means “healing God”.
7.     Maxime – Maxime is a variant of Maximillian, or Maxwell, and it means “greater”. Maxime is also a male version of the female name “Maxine”.
8.     Antoine – Antoine is a form of the name Anthony or Antonius – pronounced “Ant-one”. It means “beyond praise” or “highly praise-worthy”.
9.     Yanis – Yanis is a predominantly Greek name with Hebrew origins. It’s a variant of the name John, which has lots of biblical connotations.
10.  Arthur – Arthur has Gaelic and Welsh origins, meaning “bear man”, “bear” and “stone” – coming from the Gaelic word “art” and the Welsh term “arth gwyr”.
11.  Alexandre – Alexandre is the male version of the female name Alexandra, and it’s also a variant of Alexander. It means “man’s defender” or “warrior”.
12.  Paul – Paul is a biblical name with Dutch, French and German origins. It’s a short and sweet name with a short meaning – it means “small” or “humble”.
13.  Jules – Jules is a shortened version of the name “Julius”. It’s a name of Greek origins, and it means “Jove’s child”.
14.  Baptiste – Baptiste is the French variant of the Latin word Baptista, referring to the ritual of baptism.
15.  Maxence – Maxence is another variant of the name Maximillian, or Maxwell, and it means “greater”.
16.  Nicolas – Nicolas is another variant of the word Nicholas. It has Greek origins, and it means “victory of the people”.
17.  Valentin – Valentin is a short version of the name Valentine, i.e. Saint Valentine. It also means “healthy” or “strong”.
18.  Quentin – Quentin has Latin origins and it’s a popular name in both French and English. It means “fifth”.
19.  Gabriel – Gabriel is an ancient Hebrew name, seen throughout the Bible, meaning “God is my might”. Gabriel is also one of the seven archangels.
20.  Hugo – Hugo is a version of the name Hugh, and it means “heart”, “mind” and “spirit”.

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