Can you believe that the October Challenge is almost over! A MASSIVE well done to everyone for how far they have come already.
Here at Lose Baby Weight we want you to finish off with your BEST efforts in the challenge so we have complied the top 3 excuses we often hear about why to give up and how you can overcome them.

I Haven’t Been Able To Stick To Any Of The Exercises

If you have found yourself unable to stick to any of the exercise for whatever reason this doesn’t matter.
Try to organise your week this week and set aside 30 mins of un-interrupted time to yourself, if this isn’t possible- get your kids involved, you could ask them to count your reps, do them along with you, use them as extra added weight.
Or you can just try to be more active throughout your day with some incidental exercise

I Overindulged On The Weekend I May As Well Give Up

Overindulging doesn’t mean that you need to give up!  It gives you the perfect motivation to look at your goals/motivation board and get yourself back on track to finish strong.
Try writing up your shopping list, meal planning or organising your exercise for the week to help get yourself back on track

I Haven’t Been Able To Stick To Any Of The Meals

Use this week as an opportunity to use the new customisable tool to try out some of your favourite meals throughout the week.
If you pick meals that you think you and your family will enjoy it will make it alot easier for you to stick to instead of finding an excuses of not too
Stepping out of your comfort zone can often be very liberating and just the push that you may need to succeed
Hope fully some of these tips will help you to finish off the November 28 Day Challenge with a bang!
Good luck for the last few days of October and the first week of November!
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